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MaxVal Group, a Silicon Valley based patent portfolio management company launches Annuity Payer™, an annuity payment and management solution. Combining more than a decade of patent management experience with an intuitive annuity management engine built from the ground up, MaxVal’s Annuity Payer™ provides a reliable and cost-effective annuity payment and management solution.Annuities must be paid to patent offices to keep a patent in force or an application active. With the growing internationalization of many patent portfolios, managing annuity payments across jurisdictions with different rules, fees, and due dates can be burdensome. Proper management, however, is critical since late or missed payment may lead to expensive surcharges or even abandonment of patents.

Leveraging MaxVal’s over a decade of patent management experience, in-depth understanding of patent operations and client needs, MaxVal is delighted to launch Annuity Payer™ to provide the most reliable, intuitive, and cost-effective patent annuity payment and management solution available to patent counsel and patent portfolio managers.

Combining experienced patent annuity specialists, a vast international network of agents, a powerful patent annuity management engine and an intuitive user-interface built from the ground up, Annuity Payer™ offers full annuity management service or ecommerce inspired “shopping” option for do-it-yourself management of patent annuity payments.

Key features

  • Experienced annuity specialists with up-to-date knowledge of patent annuity rules
  • An international network of agents covering all major jurisdictions
  • Simple patent portfolio upload to
  • Instant cost estimate through Patent Annuity Estimator™
  • Dashboard providing a snapshot of projected budget, upcoming, in-progress, and completed renewals
  • Intuitive interface to provide annuity instructions
  • Competitive service fee

About MaxVal

MaxVal Group is a Silicon Valley based patent portfolio management company with over a decade of patent management experience servicing the patent industry.  MaxVal provides cost-effective and professional services including patent search and analytics, IDS management, paralegal services and invention capture solutions.

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