Published On: March 29th, 2016Categories: Intellectual Property, IP Management, Products and Solutions, Symphony

MaxVal is excited to announce the preview of MaxVal’s SymphonyIAMTM.  SymphonyIAM is a complete Intellectual Asset Management solution built on the foundation of correct, current, and complete asset information by leveraging unparalleled access to both public and private data sources.  Based on this foundation, SymphonyIAM provides IP managers full visibility to their patent portfolio.  This  allows  them to make insightful decisions, take informed actions and mitigate risk.As described in our recent article “Intellectual Asset Management Should be Affordable and Easy”, for innovative companies, intellectual assets are the ultimate source of competitive advantage.  These assets usually underpin a company’s valuation and must be managed carefully.  At MaxVal, we often see IP managers struggle with juggling docketing systems, spreadsheets and patent workflow management in general.  Furthermore, as the patent portfolio grows, having that critical visibility of the assets in the portfolio becomes a challenge.

MaxVal has built SymphonyIAM by bringing together over a decade of experience in working with intellectual asset data and automating IP lifecycle management processes.  SymphonyIAM enables direct access to public patent data of all the major patent offices around the world as well as your private data through MaxVal’s patent pending technology.  SymphonyIAM enables IP Managers to finally see a complete view of their portfolio to unleash the strategic value of their assets with data-driven insights.

Leveraging one of the most powerful and secure cloud platform, SymphonyIAM helps companies  streamline their IP management processes. From invention capture, portfolio management, docketing, renewals, reporting, workflow automation, and analytics, SymphonyIAM provides the best-in-class solution for inventors, IP managers, in-house counsel, outside counsel and IP operations staff.

MaxVal is now running an invitation-only beta test of SymphonyIAM.  If you would like to experience SymphonyIAM as a beta-tester, please submit your e-mail address at our SymphonyIAM preview page.

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