Published On: January 9th, 2019Categories: Announcements, Product Releases

MaxVal announces that all of our software products and services now support the USPTO’s upcoming Private PAIR changes.

The USPTO recently announced that as of February 15, 2019, EFS-Web and Private PAIR users will have a safer and simpler way to login.  They are moving from using PKI certificates to a new two-factor authentication method, which will use accounts. Logging in with a account will help users eliminate shared credentials; modernize security processes; save time by granting access to multiple USPTO systems with one consolidated sign-in process; ensure USPTO compliance with the latest Federal Information Security Management Act requirements; help resolve browser compatibility issues; and give users access to EFS-Web and Private PAIR.

Private PAIR access is essential to obtaining secured, unpublished patent information from the USPTO and is an important source of data for many clients, facilitating automated docketing and data verification workflows. To ensure availability of this crucial content, MaxVal is pleased to announce support for this new authentication mechanism across all of their products and services, including symphony®.  

“As more and more prosecution docketing is automated, access to Private PAIR data is increasingly important to our clients.  At MaxVal, we are proud of our position as a leading integrator of data sources and are committed to ensuring access to these mission-critical resources,” says Nizar Jamal, Chief Technology Officer of MaxVal.

To learn more about the authentication change for EFS-Web and PAIR, click here.  To learn more about MaxVal’s solutions, including Symphony and how they will support the authentication change, please email [email protected].

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