An email-based assistant that assists legal operations and responsible attorney(s) track PAIR/EPO patent prosecution status and IFW updates for patent applications of interest (your own or competition).

PAIR is the Patent Application Information Retrieval system of USPTO that displays information regarding patent
application status. User can track the status of a public patent application as it moves from publication to final disposition.

Key Features

  • Latest IFW updates for patent applications of interest with direct links to PDF
  • Patent Prosecution Status Alerts (Public PAIR/EPO/CA/PCT or WO)
  • Follow claim amendments and arguments in applications of interest
  • Customizable email push alerts

Access a sample alert or request a free trial of our PAIR/Prosecution Alert.


  • Stay current on the prosecution status of patent applications (your own and/or competition)
  • Timely updates for timely action
  • Minimize risk of missing key developments
  • Efficient and accurate


  MaxVal Conventional Methods Savings
Cost $8.5/application/month $50/application/month 90%
Efficiency Automated Lags and coordination Significant improvements
Accuracy Automated with human quality control overlay Manual (higher likelihood of errors) Significant improvements in accuracy

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