Patent Drafting

Everything between prior art and popped corks

Your IP Partner For All Your Drafting and Prosecution Needs

Need someone to help manage the drafting or prosecution process and add years of experience at the same time?

How about a seasoned professional to coordinate meetings with inventors, conduct supplemental research then supervise the offshore development of a high-quality draft?

We even have experts who will analyze an existing draft and identify where to expand key claims or draft a patent and prosecute it at the USPTO.

Whatever your drafting needs, we have a team of IP virtuosos with decades of combined experience in areas of technology domain or law, who can step in tactically or work strategically with you and your team to create the ideal patent process and draft.

What Sets MaxVal Apart From You Know Who

We Don’t Impose Cookie Cutter

While we ardently believe in process and process optimization at MaxVal, we don’t believe in cookie cutter imposition. Whether your needs stop at patent drafting or include prosecution, we will deliver a 100% custom solution tailored to your needs, timeframe, budget and filing jurisdictions.

Dual-Shore Flexibility

Flexibility includes what you need and who is responsible for the output. With extensive resources across the United States and India, we have perfected a highly successful dual-shore model that maximizes your options in terms of service details, cost and delivery.

Custom Expertise

With extensive resources and domain expertise across our team of over 40 attorneys, engineers, scientists, and industry experts, our bespoke patent drafting services will align with your IP strategy and exceed your quality expectations.

Our Law Firm Partner

We also partner with Convergence IP Law, a full-service boutique IP law firm located in the Silicon Valley that, while operating independently of MaxVal, provides US attorney services when necessary to MaxVal clients.

Why Choose MaxVal for Patent Drafting and Prosecution

  • 25+ years of patent drafting experience
  • Dual-shore delivery model delivers service and cost flexibility without affecting quality
  • Full-time drafting team of attorneys, patent agents, and analysts
  • Patent drafting track record from startups to Fortune 1000s
  • Capabilities extend through to prosecution
  • Technology expertise: Medical devices, healthcare, technology, software, hardware
  • Collaboration with customers through entire patent lifecycle
  • Seamless project collaboration with Convergence IP Law

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Together, we help your organization succeed

Work with an IP partner who empowers you to get more done