With the increasing trend in patent litigation each year, patent litigation analysis is important to understand current and future threats.

Key Features

  • Litigation Databank contains patent litigations filed since 1980.
  • 90,000+ cases from US District Courts, CAFC, Supreme Court, and ITC and PTAB.
  • Fully searchable databases with information related to patent litigation from ECFs, PACER, ITC, PTAB etc.
  • Complaints, docket reports, patent and product details, and patent file histories.
  • Watch cases by patent, product, party, inventor, etc.
  • Outcome of closed cases, such as settlements, dismissals, judgments etc.
  • Daily update and email alerts.

Take a look at some of the patent litigation related reports that we made in the past.


  • Proactively monitor and query whether patents of interest have been litigated.
  • Gain analytical insights on plaintiffs, defendants, filing trends, courts, etc.
  • Stay updated with patent litigation alerts
  • Mitigate missed opportunities and/or risk of litigation
  • Instantly assess the potential threat from a patent
  • Keep up with patent litigation by leveraging technology and analysis
  • Know how a patent being asserted against you was dealt with in earlier cases
  • Enjoy cost and time savings

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