With the increasing trend in patent litigation each year, patent litigation analysis is important to understand current and future threats.

Patent Litigation data service offerings from MaxVal

MaxVal’s Litigation Databank

MaxVal’s Patent Litigation Databank is a comprehensive database of US District Court, CAFC, ITC and Supreme Court cases.

Key Features

  • Litigation Databank contains patent litigations filed since 1980.
  • 84,000+ cases from US District Courts, CAFC, Supreme Court, and ITC
  • Fully searchable databases with information related to patent litigation from ECFs, PACER, ITC, etc.
  • Complaints, docket reports, patent and product details, and patent file histories.
  • Watch cases by patent, product, party, inventor, etc.
  • Outcome of closed cases, such as settlements, dismissals, judgments etc.
  • Daily update and email alerts.


  • Proactively monitor and query whether patents of interest have been litigated.
  • Gain analytical insights on plaintiffs, defendants, filing trends, courts, etc.
  • Stay updated with patent litigation alerts
  • Mitigate missed opportunities and/or risk of litigation
  • Instantly assess the potential threat from a patent
  • Keep up with patent litigation by leveraging technology and analysis
  • Know how a patent being asserted against you was dealt with in earlier cases
  • Enjoy cost and time savings

Patent Litigation Analytics & Data Research

MaxVal provides patent litigation data analytics and research services which enable businesses, law firms, litigators and in-house counsels to move in the right direction.

Key Features

  • Our litigation data research team provides comprehensive and technology enabled data analytics and research services.
  • We analyze complex litigation data and present it in a simplified manner for you to make effective business decisions.
  • Our analysis helps law firms in preparing for cases.

What type of patent litigation analytics do we provide?

  • Litigation threats of a particular industry or a patent portfolio.
  • Industry specific patent litigation data analysis
  • Forecast of potential litigation threats.
  • Analyze how a given set of companies are affected by patent lawsuits.
  • Outcomes of cases, judgments and orders etc.
  • Study on damage information, injunctions etc.
  • Understanding patterns behind how a particular court/judge rules.
  • Data reports on various plaintiff and defendant law firms

Litigation Databank API

Integrate litigation data to your internal patent database/tools for analytics purpose and map litigation information to your study.

Key Features

  • API (Application Programming Interface) service allows your patent databases/tools to interface with our Patent Litigation Databank and populate litigation data based on your requirements.
  • We understand the needs of every client are different, and we let those needs drive the way we build our solutions.


  • Easy access to complex litigation data without incurring any PACER expenses.
  • Patent litigation details updated every weekday
  • Data provided in XML format which can be customized as per your needs.
  • Query and analyze using over 20 litigation fields including patents, products, plaintiff, defendant, court, judge, law firm, outcome of cases, etc.
  • Save your analyst effort and resource cost.

Litigation Researchers/Students Sign up

MaxVal now offers students, professors, and academic researchers free access to the Patent Litigation Databank under MaxVal’s Scholar Program. Qualified scholars will have full access to the Databank including full search capabilities, document access, and daily email alert.

To participate in our Scholar Program you should be currently affiliated with an institution of higher learning and have a valid “.edu” email address.

If you do not have a valid “.edu” email address, but plan on using the Patent Litigation Databank for academic research, please contact us to see if you qualify for the Scholar Program. Access to the Patent Litigation Databank under the Scholar Program is restricted to academic research only. Any commercial use, including any use in connection with the user’s employment, any internship or externship is prohibited. Please refer to the User Agreement for more information.

MaxVal would greatly appreciate any citation, acknowledgement and reference to MaxVal and MaxVal's Patent Litigation Databank, if the Databank contributes to any publications, presentations, and the like.