Expand Your Intelligence With Over a Decade of Exclusive Patent Litigation Data

Given the impact and growth of patent litigation, it is more important than ever to have access to up-to-date and accurate patent litigation data. The problem is finding it, and at a breadth and quality that makes it useful. Look no further. MaxVal has been gathering and providing our partners and customers with this unique data for over ten years. Additionally, we provide the data at a reasonable fee in many different forms.

Our Patent Litigation Data Product Options

Litigation Data API

Litigation Databank Software

Litigation Analytics and Research Service

Litigation Databank API

For the legal software industry where comprehensive, global litigation data would add value to your application or data service, we can deliver the industry’s most cost-effective, litigation data to your customers via our partner-ready API. Not only do we provide US patent litigation data but also include international data, including ever-expanding jurisdictional and time span coverage. We’ve been collecting this data for over ten years. Reproducing or finding similar data anywhere else in the market isn’t worth the effort. Give us a call.

Litigation Databank Software

Extend your patent litigation research with our comprehensive and easy-to-use online litigation assistant, trusted globally by hundreds of law firms, patent attorneys and analysts.


  • Access to over 350,000 Global IP litigations filed since 1980
  • Includes more than 90,000 cases from US District Courts, CAFC, Supreme Count, ITC, and PTAB
  • Complaints, docket reports, patent and product details, and patent file histories
  • Daily email updates and alerts
  • Monitor cases by patent, product, party or inventor
  • Fully searchable database related to patent litigation from ECFs, PACER, ITC, PTAB, etc.
  • Listing of construed claims
  • Outcomes of closed cases, such as settlements, dismissals, and judgements


  • Stay current with patent litigation alerts
  • Formulate litigation strategy for your portfolio
  • Proactively monitor and search whether patents of interest have been litigated
  • Quickly assess a patent’s potential threat
  • Extract cost and time savings
  • Identify potential litigation risk
  • Gain analytical insights on plaintiffs, defendants, filing trends, courts, and more
  • Know how a patent being asserted against you was dealt with in earlier cases
  • Use patent litigation data to formulate your monetization and licensing strategies

Litigation Analytics and Data Research Services

Make data-driven informed business decisions with our custom Patent Litigation Analytics and Data Research services. Contact us if you have a special project or need and we can add contextual research value at relatively low cost.


  • Industry specific patent litigation data analysis
  • Outcomes of cases, judgments, orders, etc.
  • Analysis of damage information, injunctions, etc.
  • Reports on plaintiffs and defendant law firms.
  • Forecasts of potential litigation threats
  • Analysis of litigation consequences on specific companies, technology, product and jurisdiction


  • Augment your litigation strategy with our subject matter expertise in target markets
  • Analyze key parameters for monetization and licensing
  • Leverage our extensive data analytics and research services and capabilities
  • Have complex litigation data analyzed and presented in a simplified manner
  • Know litigation threats of a particular industry or patent portfolio
  • Understand patterns behind how a particular court or judge rules

Three Options: One Global Perspective on Litigation

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