Major patent application updates for Microsoft Teams and Apple Watch.

In this week’s featured patent applications, we cover the latest from Samsung, Microsoft, Apple, Merck, Boston Scientific, Novartis, Roche, Abbott, and Medtronic.

Apple Files a Patent Application for Using In-Home Location Awareness

U.S. patent application, US20200296168, discloses a method to determine a location of a user’s mobile device using sensors. An accessory device, such as a smart watch, is suggested to the user based on the determined location. The user can control the accessory device without requiring to actively search for and select it. An overview of a system including controlling devices and accessory devices is depicted below.

Microsoft Seeks a Patent for User Interaction with Shared Content During a Virtual Meeting

U.S. patent application, US20200293261, describes a method for receiving a request from a server to initiate presentation of a document, enabling a meeting participant to interact with the document by moving a first portion of the document different from the currently presented portion of the document and invoking a synchronization signal for synchronizing the second portion of the document being presented. The figures below illustrate user interfaces for enabling interaction with shared content available to a participant during a virtual meeting.

Samsung Files a Patent for a Camera Module, Actuator, and Portable Device

U.S. patent application, US20200296287, discloses an actuator of a camera module that includes a detected portion disposed on a lens barrel and a position detector having a first and a second coil facing the detected portion, and a reference coil. The position detector is configured to remove noise components by applying an inductance of the reference coil to a calculated inductance of the first and second coils. The illustration below depicts a block diagram of an actuator employed in a camera module.

Boston Scientific Files Patent Applications for Endoscopic Control Knobs, and a Vapor Delivery System

U.S. patent application, US20200288944, discloses control knobs for an endoscopic system having surface features for improved gripping, perception of a medical device orientation within a patient, better thumb reach, and reduced torque. The figure below depicts the control knobs of the endoscopic system.

Another application, US20200289184, discloses a vapor delivery system for ablating bladder tissue to treat an overactive bladder. The system includes an anchor tip for anchoring the system in the bladder while condensable vapor is delivered to the target tissue. The figure below illustrates the vapor delivery system.

Medtronic Eyes a Patent for an Epidural Space Clearing Tool

U.S. patent application, US20200289145, discloses an epidural space clearing tool for a medical lead implantation preparation within a spinal column using a guidewire that deflects adequately through a window in the vertebral bone and ligaments. The figure below depicts the insertion of the tool into the epidural space.


Roche Pursues a Patent for Purification of Polypeptides

U.S. patent application, US20200291064, discloses a dual-stage purification method of polypeptides using tangential-flow ultrafiltration, where crude feed streams such as conditioned cell culture supernatant are processed to reduce contaminant and/or impurity levels. The figure below is a schematic representation of the dual stage TFF process.

Novartis Eyes a Patent for Scoring a Tumor Tissue Sample

U.S. patent application, US20200292550, talks about a method of scoring tumor tissue samples taken from a cancer patient. The method involves assigning a score based on spatial proximity of a pair of cells expressing two different biomarkers.

Merck Seeks a Patent for Carbapenem Compounds

U.S. patent application, US20200291029, discloses carbapenem compounds, their stereoisomers, pharmaceutically acceptable salts, and N-oxides, which is used for the treatment of bacterial infections, such as drug-resistant bacterial infections. The chemical structure of carbapenem compounds is represented as below: