Following the publication of our recent Technology Landscape study on CRISPR-Cas9, MaxVal announces the latest advanced publication on the genome editing system, CRISPR, which has become an extremely important tool in medical research.  The demonstration of the reprogrammable nature of Cas9 served as a catalyst to widespread adoption of CRISPR systems in biomedical and agricultural research.  The potential benefits of CRISPR gene editing in several challenging diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, and numerous autoimmune diseases are being explored by researchers.

MaxVal’s CRISPR report is now available through Patent LiveScape, an analysis and reporting service that provides clients with interactive reports which extract actionable and predictive information.  By leveraging data sciences best practices, MaxVal has constructed an interactive report that melds different yet related data sources into a comprehensive landscape, allowing the reader to dynamically explore relationships.

“My colleagues and I have been paying close attention to the data science community, and more specifically, the practice of data agnosticism,” says Mark O’Donnell, Vice President of Research and Analytics at MaxVal.  “While patents provide us with important insights, they are just a small piece of the overall puzzle when it comes to decision making. We try to be inclusive of all data that is available to us, including patents, clinical trials, standards, 510ks, 10ks, products, sentiments, and more.  This report is invaluable to those practicing in or investing in the genomics technology space.”

What sets MaxVal apart, aside from its novel report delivery methods, are its experienced professionals with expertise that spans multiple domains.  The MaxVal team is accustomed to working with complicated data from disparate sources and generating outputs that are pleasing to clients.

“There is a lot of excitement in the research community on the promise of the CRISPR toolbox in genome editing and beyond,” says Ganesh Venkatraman, Manager of Research and Analytics at MaxVal.  “Our team has been following the groundbreaking publications, product development, and commercialization efforts related to CRISPR with great interest. Much like the CRISPR toolbox, the Patent LiveScapereports are surprisingly simple, versatile and customizable.”

To download the patent landscape report, please click here.

To learn more about MaxVal’s professional services, including Patent Livescape, please visit or email Mark O’Donnell at [email protected].