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Amazon receives patent for a charging mat for UAV. Read about this and other recently published patents.


In this post, we take you through some of the recent patents from Apple, Intel, IBM, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Novartis, Roche, Merck, Boston Scientific, and Medtronic.

Apple receives patent for automatically switching between wearable accessories

US patent 10,419,595 discloses a system that automatically detects the removal of first wearable accessory and the attachment of a second accessory and switches between wearable accessories that are paired with a smartphone. Figure below illustrates different states over time as the companion device switches between watches in response to removal of one watch and attachment of another.


Intel patents methods and apparatus to wirelessly power UAV

US patent 10,418,853 discloses a UAV having first and second electrode assemblies that can be capacitively coupled to first and second power cables for receiving power, which can be stored in a storage circuit. Figures illustrate the UAV and an example path in the environment of use.


IBM obtains patent for identifying potential patient candidates for clinical trials

US patent 10,417,240 discloses a system that gleans data from patient records and clinical trial descriptions using NLP techniques. NLP annotation data is used to generate clinical trial feature vectors and patient feature vectors, which are compared to match appropriate patient candidates with clinical trial openings. Figure illustrates a flow diagram of a content analytics process for clinical trial descriptions and patient records.


Google wins patent for determining graphical elements for inclusion in electronic communication

US patent application 10,416,846 discloses a method for presenting a group of graphical elements for inclusion in an electronic communication being formulated by a user via a computing device in response to identifying the user interface interaction with the user interface element. Figures below illustrate the example user interface that provides graphical elements for inclusion in a dialog conversation.


Amazon receives patent for a charging mat for UAV

US patent 10,418,830 discloses a system for landing and facilitating power flow and data transfer between a UAV and a charging mat using a boom that creates electrical pathways on a top conductive mesh and a bottom conductive surface of the mat. Illustration depicts environment for charging a battery of a UAV using a charging mat.


Microsoft awarded patent for placing gaze-based object within a VR environment

US patent 10,416,760 discloses a HMD device configured with a sensor enabling determination of user’s projected gaze with a location in a VR environment, reconstructing surface of the real world to determine the user’s view position in the virtual world and projecting gaze ray originating from view position rendered on the HMD display at the ground. Figure below illustrates the VR environment rendered within the field of view of a user of an HMD device.


Novartis patents a method of manufacturing an articulating ophthalmic surgical probe

US patent 10,413,446 describes a method of manufacturing an articulating ophthalmic surgical probe which comprises providing a cannula and a slotted tip, permanently attaching a pull wire to the slotted tip, permanently attaching a metal anchor to a distal end of the pull wire, positioning a weld pin within a handle assembly that is sized to fit within a single hand, and welding the metal anchor to the weld pin within the handle assembly. Image below depicts the optical surgical endoprobe.


Roche obtains a patent for a blood collector

US patent 10,416,054 presents a blood collector that has a mounting surface, a capillary structure with a curved portion, and a capillary inlet, and is used for determining the amount of an analyte in a blood sample. The images below illustrate the use of the blood collector.


Merck receives patent for an intravaginal ring drug delivery system

US patent 10,413,504 relates to an intra-vaginal drug delivery system comprising (i) a core with a first thermoplastic polymer and a first therapeutic agent, wherein the first therapeutic agent is dissolved in the first thermoplastic polymer, and (ii) a skin surrounding the core comprising a second thermoplastic polymer, wherein the first therapeutic agent is less permeable in the second thermoplastic polymer than the first thermoplastic polymer, and a second therapeutic agent in solid form, wherein the second therapeutic agent is loaded in a portion of the skin.

Boston Scientific wins patent for device with stretchable electrode assemblies

US patent 10,413,357 presents electrical pathways on a balloon catheter that are capable of shifting between a serpentine configuration when the balloon is unexpanded to a straighter configuration when the balloon is expanded. Image below illustrates a portion of the medical device in an expanded configuration.


Medtronic bags patent for flexible skin based patient tracker

US patent 10,413,377 describes a skin-based patient tracking apparatus for surgical navigation. The apparatus includes an adhesive layer, several surgical tracking elements, a base layer between the adhesive layer and the surgical tracking elements, and an outer layer covering the surgical tracking elements. Figures below illustrate the surgical navigation system and also depict a tracker secured to the back of a patient.


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