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Amazon patents pressure-based object placement for AR applications. Read about this and other recently published patents.

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In this post, we take you through some of the recent patents from Google, Facebook, Apple, IBM, Amazon, Samsung, Medtronic, Roche, Boston Scientific, Novartis, and Merck.

Amazon Patents Pressure-Based Object Placement for AR Applications

US patent 10,410,425 discloses adjusting the position of virtual objects in artificial reality content by applying varying amounts of pressure to a sensor to control the distance between the virtual object and a virtual camera rendering the AR scene. An increase in pressure can cause the object to move “away” from the user, while a decrease in pressure can cause the object to move “toward” the user, as depicted below.


IBM Secures Patent for Dynamic Climate Control Adjustment System

US patent 10,408,483 describes a device that receives user preferences from a wearable device, receives climate information corresponding to climate parameters from sensors, and determines whether the climate information is within a threshold percentage. The device adjusts performance of a HVAC system based on the determination. A dynamic climate control adjustment system is illustrated below.

Google Obtains Patent Related to Automatic Response Suggestions Based on Images Received in Messaging Applications

US patent 10,412,030 discloses a method for automatically suggesting responses for received images in a messaging application upon determining the semantic concept associated with the image content. Figures below illustrate examples of user interfaces displaying suggested responses to received images in the messaging application.


Microsoft Wins Patent Relating to Intelligent Virtual Keyboards

US patent 10,409,488 discloses a method for determining a user’s intent based on contextual information by generating a virtual keyboard for display based on the determined indication of a user’s intent and generating a task icon within the virtual keyboard. The Figures below illustrate the user interface of a virtual keyboard with the answers of the user’s intent.

Facebook Receives Patent for Delivering Selected Content to Users Based on Household Device-User Graph

US patent 10,412,134 discloses an online system that generates a household device-user graph. The graph describes connections between household device users and household devices in a target household and the usage of the household devices by the household device users. Based on the graph, the online system delivers selected content to the identified users in the target household.

Intel Receives Patents for Techniques for Implementing Public Key Infrastructure Using Blockchain and for Automatic Device Configuration

US patent 10,411,905 discloses techniques for implementing public key infrastructure using blockchain that includes receiving a proof-of-work from an introducee principal, combining the proof-of-work with an identifier, generating an introduction and publishing the introduction to a blockchain. The illustration, below depicts an introduction transaction.

US patent 10,411,958 describes a system for automatic device configuration that includes a module to monitor performance of a computing device during network communication, a policy enforcement module to determine if the performance violates a threshold and reconfigure a module to reconfigure network configuration based on the determination.

Boston Scientific Wins Patent for Fluid Draining Device and Laser Lithotripsy System

US patent 10,406,007 describes an implantable medical device having a tubular member with a first end to be disposed within the duodenum of a patient and a second end to be disposed adjacent to a pancreatic or bile duct for draining body fluids from a biliary or pancreatic tract. Figure below shows a stent that is used to drain fluids.

Another US patent 10,405,923 relates to a laser treatment system that uses optical fibers to deliver laser energy to a targeted material within a subject for fragmenting kidney, ureteral or bladder stones into pieces. The Figure below shows an illustration of laser lithotripsy targeting the material.

Medtronic Bags Patent for Implantable Medical Pump with Pressure Sensor

US patent 10,406,281 presents a pressure sensor for an implantable medical device, wherein the sensor detects fluid pressure based on changing capacitance between two capacitive elements. The image below shows a fluid delivery system, including an implantable medical device (IMD) with a medical pump configured to deliver a therapeutic agent to a patient via a catheter.

Roche Pockets a Patent for a Medical Applicator for Inserting a Subcutaneous Analyte Sensor

US patent 10,405,885 describes a medical applicator for inserting a transcutaneous analyte sensor into a subcutaneous region of a human or animal body, wherein the medical applicator has an insertion needle configured for puncturing, a sensor assembly configured to be inserted when the body is punctured by said insertion needle and a lifting means for lifting up a surface portion of the human or animal body towards the insertion needle. The image below shows a sectional view of the applicator.

Merck Wins a Patent for Bicyclic Aryl Monobactam Compounds

US patent 10,407,421 reveals the chemical structure and pharmaceutical compositions of bicyclic aryl monobactam compounds and their use in treatment of bacterial infections.

Novartis Patents OCT Transparent Surgical Instruments

US patent 10,406,027 describes an apparatus for ophthalmic medical procedures which has a shaft comprising a lumen and a couple of arms extending from the lumen, wherein the arms comprise a first material that is substantially transparent to electromagnetic radiation of 700-1200 nm wavelength and opaque to electromagnetic radiation of 400-700 nm. The diagram below shows an illustrative image of a patient’s eye as may be seen through an OCT-enabled microscope during a surgical procedure.

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