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Google secures patent for audio output of panoramic images. Read about this and other recently published patents.

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In this post, we take you through some of the recent patents from Facebook, Amazon, Qualcomm, Google, Apple, Intel, Medtronic, Abbott, Novartis, Boston Scientific, Johnson & Johnson, and Roche.

Facebook receives patent for removable lens assemblies for HMD

US patent 10,261,324 discloses a head mounted display (HMD) with a pair of removable lens assemblies having a correcting lens fitted to a frame in each assembly and attached to respective eye cone for displaying images. Figure attached illustrates a removable lens assembly detached from the HMD.

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Amazon obtains patent for adjustable UAV

US patent 10,259,591 titled “Adjustable Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Adjustable Body Portions” describes automatically adjusting UAV configuration during flight to optimize agility or power efficiency. Figures below illustrate the transition from a contracted position to a transition position to an extended position of the UAV.

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 Qualcomm awarded patent for fingerprint spoof detection

US patent 10,262,188 titled “Liveness and Spoof Detection for Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensors” discloses an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor that detects spoof based on a reflected acoustic energy of the finger. Figure below illustrates an example of an ultrasonic sensor.

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Google secures patent for audio output of panoramic images

US patent 10,261,749 titled “Audio Output for Panoramic Images” describes customizing portions of a panoramic image automatically or manually using multiple audio segments. Figure below illustrates how portions of the image could be customized to play a selected audio.

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Apple receives patent relating to dynamic audio playback control

US patent 10,264,385 titled “System and Method for Dynamic Control of Audio Playback Based on the Position of a Listener” discloses capturing images of a listener and adjusting audio parameters of a multi-channel audio system based on the listener’s position inferred from the images.

Intel patents dynamic, local augmented reality landmarks

US patent 10,262,464 describes Intel’s patented AR system that dynamically synchronizes local visual landmark information from multiple end user devices to anchor the AR experience. Figure below depicts an environment for multiple players playing an AR game.

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Medtronic wins patents for transapical delivery design and surgical retractor base design

US patent 10,258,470 describes a delivery device for a stented heart valve comprising a handle, an inner and outer catheter shaft, and a means for a retraction mechanism. The device is used to deliver valves at the implantation site. The figure below illustrates the delivery device aligned with a crimping tool that is used in packing the valve.

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US design patent D846,119 illustrates the ornamental design of a lighted surgical retractor base. Figure below is an image of the claimed design.

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Abbott obtains patent for analyte data processing system

US patent 10,261,069 presents an apparatus for processing analyte information from a sensor and communicating the data for use in a medical telemetry system such as a continuous glucose monitoring system. The block diagram below shows a data monitoring and management system as described in the invention.

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Novartis receives patent for inhaler device

US patent 10,258,752 reports on an inhaler device that utilizes a blister strip containing powdered medicament. The design, working mechanism and utility of the device illustrated in the figures below are described in the patent.

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Boston Scientific awarded patents for ureteral stent and heart valve replacement apparatus

US patent 10,258,485 discusses a beaded stent to be disposed within a ureter of a patient extending from kidney to bladder. The spaces between the beads allow fluid to flow along the stent. Figure below is an illustration of the stent described in the patent.

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US patent 10,258,465 relates to an apparatus for replacing a patient’s heart valve. The apparatus has an expandable anchor, replacement valve supported within the anchor, and is designed to grasp the patient’s heart tissue. Figure below illustrates the apparatus in a collapsed configuration.

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Johnson & Johnson patents ophthalmic lens molding apparatus

US patent 10,261,344 describes an apparatus for fabrication of an ophthalmic lens with a variable optic insert using liquid crystal elements. The optic insert has surfaces with differing radii of curvature. Figure below depicts apparatus components for placing a variable optic insert comprised of liquid crystal into an ophthalmic lens mold part.

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Roche patents sequences for detecting EZH2 gene

US patent 10,260,102 lists down sequences for detecting cancer-associated mutations in the human EZH2 gene. These sequences can be used in reagents for cancer diagnostics and cancer therapy.

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