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IBM eyes a patent for a method of identifying stress of a user in VR environments. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.



In this post, we take you through recent patent applications from IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, Google, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Roche, Merck, and Novartis.

IBM Eyes a Patent for a Method of Identifying Stress of a User in VR Environments

US patent application 20190374148 discusses a method of identifying physiological stress of a user of a VR environment by displaying a virtual object at an object located within the VR environment and instructing the user to interact with the displayed virtual object. A measure of physiological stress is determined based on a detected parameter of the user’s movement in response to the instruction. The figure depicts a block diagram of the method.


Microsoft Seeks a Patent for Multi-stroke Smart Ink Gesture Language

US patent application 20190377433 discloses a digital ink user interface that enables a display to receive a digital ink stroke as an active input from a stylus. The action input represents a multi-stroke gesture, which is determined based on proximity to, intersection with, or chronological immediacy to a prior-received digital ink stroke. The figure below illustrates a system in which a multi-stroke smart ink gesture language can be implemented.



Amazon Seeks a Patent for a Virtual World Generation Engine

US patent application 20190378331 discloses a virtual world generation engine that obtains images related to real-world scenes, combines the images to generate composite images representing a view of the scene, and generates models from the composite images. The models are used to render and stream video of the scene and allow interactive exploration of the virtual worlds in real-time or near-real-time.

Facebook Files a Patent Application for Glyph Rendering in 3D Space

US patent application 20190378321 discloses a method of rendering a glyph in a 3D space by determining a 2D projected area in a 3D coordinate system to access a portion of an analytical definition of a glyph, computing a coverage proportion of the pixel area that overlaps with the glyph and determining a color for the pixel area based on the coverage proportion. The illustration depicts relationships between components.


Apple Wants a Patent for Always-on Audio Control for Mobile Devices

US patent application 20190378514 discloses a circuit configured to remain powered on when the rest of the SOC is powered down and receive audio samples from a microphone, wherein the samples are analyzed to detect possible commands. Based on the command, the circuit may power up other components like memory controller, CPU, etc. A timing diagram illustrating the operation is shown below.


Google Pursues a Patent for Discovering and Displaying Media Content Related to an Electronic Document

US patent application 20190379946 discloses a method for discovering and displaying media entities associated with an electronic document being accessed from a first device and modifying the display of a second device upon receiving a remote control command from the first device based on a user selection on the respective media entity. The figure below illustrates an example portion of a user interface for discovering and displaying media content related to the electronic document.


Boston Scientific Files Patents for a Pelvic Implant and a Tissue Coagulation Device

US patent application 20190374325 relates to a pelvic implant device for supporting levator tissue comprising a tissue support portion, a tissue fastener, a guide extension portion, and a support backer member for treatment of pelvic floor disorders. The illustration below depicts a healthy pelvic anatomy, a defective pelvic region, and an implant placed in position to repair the defect.



Another application 20190374276 describes an energy delivery device having a body shaft lumen with a retractable radiofrequency electrode tip, an energy delivery wire electrically coupled with the electrode tip, and a laser fiber advanced through the lumen for delivering laser energy. The image below shows the tissue coagulation device.


Medtronic Aims to Patent a Transformable Imaging System

US patent application 20190374179 discloses a transformable imaging system configured to operate in an open and a closed configuration, wherein the closed configuration may allow for imaging along an arc greater than 180 degrees. The illustration below shows the imaging system with a source and detector located near each other.


Roche Seeks to Patent Compounds for Treating Spinal Muscular Atrophy

US patent application 20190375750 reveals compounds and compositions that enhance the inclusion of exon 7 of SMN2 into mRNA that is transcribed from the SMN2 gene for treating spinal muscular atrophy.

Merck Wants to Patent a Composition Comprising a Nanosized Light-Emitting Material

US patent application 20190375957 discloses a composition comprising a polymer and an organic solvent that can be used as a light luminescent medium.

Novartis Pursues a Patent for an Optical Fiber Having Proximal Taper

US patent application 20190374098 describes an apparatus for illuminating a surgical field during ophthalmic procedures using an optical fiber having a tapered proximal portion. The image below illustrates a portion of an ophthalmic illumination system, including an illumination subsystem and an optical fiber.



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