Microsoft wants patent for intelligent mobile mixed reality experience. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.

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In this post, we take you through some of the recently filed patent applications of Intel, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Qualcomm, Apple, Abbot, Medtronic, Merck, Boston Scientific, Novartis, and Roche.

Intel seeks patents for drone clouds and mobile recovery mechanism

US patent application 20190107845 titled “Drone Clouds for Video Capture and Creation” describes a technique to perform real-time tracking of a scene using drone clouds that capture and create videos based on received guidance. Illustration depicts drone setup having drone cloud media-capturing scenes.

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US patent application 20190108369 reveals a mobile recovery mechanism embedded in a platform firmware layer that enables a central database to receive location information from mobile device for recovery under circumstances of being stolen, lost, or misplaced.

Facebook files patent application for HMD tracking system

HMD tracking system as disclosed in US patent application 20190110039 includes a number of cameras and a controller to capture images/audio/video of local area for determining the location of the HMD and updating a model based on depth and exposure settings of the local area. Illustration below depicts the HMD.

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Microsoft wants patent for intelligent mobile mixed reality experience

US patent application 20190107721 titled “User-based Context Sensitive Hologram Reaction” provides an intelligent head mounted mixed reality experience to a user by displaying virtual content at a body-locked position peripheral to the user’s view. Figures below illustrate a HMD unit and a mobile virtual environment.

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Google files patent application for adapting presentation speed in wearable displays

US patent application 20190108614 titled “Adaptation of Presentation Speed” discloses adjusting the presentation speed of content items displayed in a wearable display based on user motion relative to a location. Figure below illustrates a space with locations associated with content items for presentation.

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Qualcomm eyes patent related to co-located mobile devices

US patent application 20190110164 titled “Techniques for Determining a Position Fix of an Object using one or more Mobile Devices Co-Located with the Object” discloses coordinating two mobile devices attached to an object for positioning and navigation of the object. Figure below illustrates mobile devices co-located with regard to a person as the object.

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Apple seeks patents relating to human sleep detection and 3D sound rendering

US patent application 20190104985 titled “Adjusting Alarms Based on Sleep Onset Latency” discloses adjusting an alarm setting based on determining when a user intends or attempts to sleep and presenting suggestions to help the user sleep better. Figure below illustrates GUI for presenting a sleep summary as described in the application.

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US patent application 20190108688 titled “Automatic Rendering Of 3D Sound” describes simulating a 3D audio environment by binding a sound element to a visual representation of an object such that a characteristic of the sound element is dynamically modified coincident with a change in location in the scene in 3D space.

Abbott seeks to patent method for mitigating single point failure of devices

US patent application 20190104974 describes methods for mitigating single point failure of a device in an analyte monitoring system. Figure below depicts a glucose monitoring system in accordance with certain embodiments of the invention.

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Medtronic aims to patent anchor for implants and homeostatic thermal sealer

US patent application 20190105489 relates to an anchor for an implantable medical electrical lead designed to apply electrical stimulation to bodily tissue. Figure below shows the front view of a person with the implanted medical lead.

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US patent application 20190105095 discloses a hemostatic sealer with a thermal energy activating switch and a thermal assembly coupled to a handle. Figure below is a schematic view depiction of the surgical device and the thermal assembly.

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Merck attempts to patent spirobifluorene derivatives

US patent application 20190106391 presents spirobifluorene derivatives substituted by pyridine or pyrimidine groups for use as organic semiconductors.

Boston Scientific files patent applications for hemostatic clip and articulation mechanism for flexible endoscopes

A hemostatic clip as disclosed in US patent application 20190105046 includes a capsule channel, movable clip arms that allow grabbing of large volumes of tissue, and a reinforcement element coupled to the clip arms for preventing deflection when engaging a target tissue. Figure below shows an exemplary reinforced clip device.

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US patent application 20190104923 titled “Articulating Torqueable Hollow Device” relates to an articulating mechanism for use in flexible endoscopes comprising a series of movable stacked links, pull-wires that provide tension, and a cam that allows controlled deflection of the articulation mechanism. Figure below depicts an articulation mechanism bent in the upward direction.

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Novartis aims to patent eye injection

US patent application 20190105197 describes an injection, illustrated in the image below, for the treatment of ocular conditions by delivering a therapeutic agent into an area beneath the eye tissue.

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Roche wants to patent a cryogenic container

US patent application 20190107316 presents a cryogenic container for biochemical or medical product. The container as depicted in the image below has a primary container and a secondary container, wherein the primary container has a flexible film bag designed to receive a fluid heat exchange medium.

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