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The Present and Future of Blockchain for IP Management

Like every other industry, blockchain technology holds immense potential in the IP industry, especially IP management. Discover what the technology can corporations accomplish in this whitepaper.

Unitary Patent System – The Way Forward

The Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court (UPC) concepts have been proposed as an alternative to the EP Validation System and national courts overseeing EP patent disputes. Learn more about these systems in this whitepaper.

The Future of IP Management: Moving from Conventional IPMS to a Global IP Ecosystem

The current IP Management Systems must prepare for the next stage of evolution – transition to an ecosystem. Discover what the future of IP management could look like in this whitepaper.

Critical Functionality for Modern IP Management Systems

We highlight how modern IP management systems differ from legacy IP management systems, the importance of feedback loops, and some of the characteristics of closed-loop IP management.

Best Practices for Portfolio Management: Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking

Learn about additional strategies and practical tips for patent-enabled competitive intelligence and benchmarking.

Leveraging Patents for Business in the Semiconductor Industry

Learn about the market and patent filing trends, patent litigation events, M&A and startup funding, strategies for patent and R&D departments.

Artificial Intelligence in Medical Imaging

Learn how AI will transform medical imaging, who are the key players, the state of patent filings in this space, and the anticipated annual investment in AI for medical imaging.

Adapting Automation and Building Intelligence in the IDS Workflow

Learn about the top challenges in the IDS management process, how to use automation to overcome these challenges, and how business intelligence can improve IDS filing.

IP Competitive Intelligence: Expanding Your Data Sources

Comprehensive IP strategy and portfolio management involve many stakeholders outside of the Chief Patent Counsel’s office.

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