Reporting and Analytics

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If You Can Think of It, You Can Create a Report for It in Symphony

Are 60 default reports sufficient for you? If they aren’t, create your own in seconds. Reporting ease and flexibility are a hallmark of the Symphony solution, especially when compared with what’s generally available. Our partner, Salesforce, invests millions of dollars a year in their platform to provide Symphony with the IP industry’s best reporting suite, bar none.

Our pre-configured reports include filing trends, prosecution metrics, annuities, docket actions, process metrics and inventor awards among many others. Reports can be private or shared, delivered to your mailbox as a subscription on a specific day and time, or exported to Excel, all in a few clicks. Reports can also be easily added into Dashboards through a drag and drop interface to provide dynamic visualizations of data with drill-down capabilities.

  • IP managers can make renewal decisions directly within Symphony
  • Sophisticated analytics project patent family cost, patent lifetime cost, and more
  • Helps you manage the renewal and pruning of IP assets

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