Prosecution Analytics

Data to drive smarter prosecution decisions

Improve Your Prosecution Outcomes by Leveraging Patent Examiner Behavior and Symphony’s Decision Assist

Craft a more effective, systematic prosecution strategy by analyzing USPTO examiner decisions. Analyzing historical data will help you understand examiner and art unit trends and prosecution behaviors and drive more consistent and beneficial data-driven decisions to optimize your prosecution strategy.

Prosecution Analytics translates patent examiner and art unit’ prosecution behavior into actionable data to help in-house attorneys devise more effective case-by-case patent prosecution strategy, tactics, budgets and resource management. Symphony’s Decision Assist guides you in making the right prosecution decision by combining the Examiner’s past decisions and the stage of your application. Additionally, Symphony Prosecution Analytics module allows you to combine some private data about the application with what is known publicly.

  • Intelligent Prosecution guidance that combines Examiner behavior and prosecution status of your application
  • Combines specific, private information about the patent application with publicly available data
  • Analytics by MaxVal made available within Symphony without having to juggle multiple systems or additional subscriptions

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