Competitor monitoring is vital for any business to keep abreast of its competition. Monitoring not only helps keep an eye on moves being made by known players but also in spotting new entrants to a field. If your company invests in patents, then watching published applications and newly granted patents in and adjacent to your industry is essential to the health of your business as well as to your product development processes like benchmarking, strategy formulation and trendspotting.

In general, a patent application will not be available for public viewing for about 18 months from its filing date. In the United States, product manufacturers are put on notice of potential infringement of third party patent applications from the time the patent application publishes. Yet many product companies cannot invest the time, effort and resources to constantly monitor and assess threats to their freedom to operate in the marketplace. In addition, the America Invents Act (AIA) has made it possible for members of the general public and for such product companies to submit prior art to challenge the patentability of newly published applications within a time window during their examination at the USPTO. Hence, it is even more important for companies and law-firms to rely on technology enabled solutions to learn and track what their competition is filing by way of patent applications in a timely manner.

MaxVal’s Patent Publication and Prosecution Alert service identifies new publications based on client-specific search criteria. Alerts can be set to a weekly, fortnightly or monthly frequency. Newly published patent documents during these periods are reviewed by us and sent to you by email or uploaded to a hosted database.

There are 2 types of alerts to choose from:

  • Basic alert – wherein patent documents that published during the period of interest and that meet the search criteria are gathered and sent to you after being cleaned-up (de-duplicated, reformatted, where necessary, etc.) to be reviewed by you
  • Advanced alert - which includes a technical review by the MaxVal team of the documents from the Basic alert to further narrow and filter relevant hits in the result set

Follow these simple steps to set-up a patent publication alert:

Project Request

Send us your key terms, list of inventors and list of companies to monitor. We will create a search strategy and share that with you


Analysis & Strategy

Provide guidance and feedback so we can refine and finalize the search strategy to best fit your search parameters. Select the Basic or Advanced alert option and the frequency of the alert


Price Quote & Order

Receive a price estimate depending on the volume of search results and the frequency of the alerts opted for and initiate the service



Review and act upon the alerts delivered at the selected frequency. Modify the search strategy at any time


Key Features

  • Receive weekly, bi-weekly or monthly updates of published patents and applications
  • Customize and fine-tune search criteria on an on-going basis
  • Switch frequency of alerts and between Basic and Advanced options at any time
  • Follow filings by specific assignees, inventors or technologies in the US, EP, PCT, CA, AU, DE, GB, FR, etc.


  • Spot trends
  • Keep abreast of developments in relevant technology areas
  • Monitor newly published patent applications filed by the competition