MaxVal provides custom patent visualization schemes with icons and color-coding to make the information easy to digest. Clients can view large patent populations by expanding family lines of interest and collapsing the remaining map. MaxVal can also segregate patent branches based on priority documents and invention topics.

Key Features

The maps can be generated with the following custom features:

  • Prosecution status (from Public PAIR)
  • Latest claim set for each pending US publication
  • Links to searchable PDFs for all US and PCT applications
  • Child continuity data for all US applications

The maps are updated at a frequency (Monthly, Bi-monthly or Quarterly) selected by the client.

Maps can be used to

  • Identify emerging competitors in a given area
  • Group complex families of patents by technology, application area, etc.
  • Perform patent portfolio analysis
  • Display dominant players, emerging players, technologies being used in the field and company's IP positioned relative to competitors