Help your organization adopt “open innovation” business models. Today’s leading companies achieve sustainable growth. Open innovation requires a new network approach to R&D – MaxVal can help you capitalize on it through innovation. Open innovation can complement your internal innovation processes to help you achieve sustainable growth.

Our Approach

  • Helps you create open innovation networks that can significantly expand your ability to identify and evaluate emerging technologies
  • Helps you adopt new processes that are necessary to manage with external innovation networks
  • Helps you adopt new IP management processes that enable rapid adoption of innovations developed in your network
  • Helps you formalize organizational changes to ensure that new processes are sustained
  • Helps you to identify right technology and partners using new patent databases and patent analysis software.
  • Helps you to negotiate access in an equitable and timely manner.


In 2015, Open Innovation market size was valued at € 5.5 billion.

As inbound innovation becomes challenging and less viable, companies are adopting to open innovation rapidly. Patents were earlier filed in papers in local language which made it timeconsuming to identify and monetize. Technological advancements in Patenting databases has now made it easy to classify patents with Metadata and even high-quality machine language translation is available to decode Patents filed in foreign scripts.


  • Sustained business success
  • Sustain growth for your current generation of products through incremental innovation
  • Create next generation of products through step-out innovation
  • Create breakthrough businesses through business model innovation