Automatically Monitor New Inventions, Competitors and Inventors

Monitoring published applications and newly granted patents in and adjacent to an industry is essential to every company investing in patents. The easiest, most resource-effective method is our Patent Publication Alerts, one of our Max-Alerts services. Tracking activities of known competitors and inventors and identifying new entrants in a field or technology category, our Alerts help organizations improve trendspotting, benchmarking, formulating strategy and freedom to operate defense.


  • Periodic (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly) updates of published patents and applications
  • Delivered to you by email or uploaded to a hosted database
  • Choose between Basic (technology-based review) and Advanced (expert review) options
  • Follow filings by specific assignees, inventors and technologies in various jurisdictions (US, EP, PCT, CA, AU, DE, GB, FR, etc.)
  • Switch alert frequencies, and options (Basic and Advanced) at any time
  • Customize and fine-tune search criteria at any time


  • Frequent and focused alerts enable you to spot trends
  • Learn of potential or new competitors without spending time looking for them
  • Remain current on developments in relevant technology areas
  • No time wasted searching for competitors’ newly published applications

Alert Options


  • Patent documents published during specified period that meet your search criteria 
  • Aggregated and sent to you for review
  • Includes de-duplication and reformatting when necessary


Includes the Basic features plus a technical review by the MaxVal team to narrow and filter relevant hits before sharing search results with you.

Setting Up Patent Publication Alerts

Project Request

Send us your key terms, list of inventors and competitors to monitor. We will create a search strategy and share it with you.

Analysis and Strategy

Provide feedback to us so we can refine and finalize the search parameters to best fit your needs. Select the Basic or Advanced alert option and alert frequency.

Price Quote and Order

Receive a price estimate depending on search volume results and patent publication alerts frequency. Confirm your order with us. 


Review the patent publication alerts and intelligence we send you at the specified frequency. Modify your search parameters at any time.

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