Published On: August 4th, 2015Categories: Annuity Payer

MaxVal Annuity Payer was launched in 2014 with the goal of providing complete transparency on annuity payment fees, as well as simplified workflow and excellent service.

Pricing transparency is an important issue for customers. Things get complicated when negotiated fees are combined with currency exchange and foreign agent fees. Misunderstandings over fee amounts can easily occur. These misunderstandings can spill over into the courts.

MaxVal Annuity Payer provides comprehensive status updates and pricing transparency on all renewals, using a simple, easy to use web portal.

MaxVal’s simple and transparent flat fee structure (which is highly competitive) aims to take the uncertainty out of budgeting for annuity cost. The flat service fee eliminates the need to keep track of the foreign agent fees, exchange fees, etc., which can substantially add to the total annuity cost.

Proper annuity payment management is critical to any patent operation. Maintaining even a medium sized international patent portfolio can be expensive. MaxVal’s Annuity Payer has helped its customers to simplify their workflow and achieve transparency and cost savings to their annuity management.

Annuity Payer is available as a service administered by MaxVal, or as a SaaS software application and eCommerce style interface that can be used directly by IP Operations staff. Please contact MaxVal more information.

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