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Medtronic develops sterilizable pouches for medical devices.

In this week’s featured patent applications, we cover the latest from Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Novartis, Roche, Merck, Intel, Microsoft, Alibaba, IBM, and Apple.

Medtronic Files Patent Applications for Sterilizable Pouches for Medical Devices and a Curved Inflatable Bone Tamp

U.S. patent application, US20200361684, discloses a flexible, sterilizable pouch comprising multiple layers of webs that are sealed to form a gas-impermeable cavity to hold a medical device (MD) during and after sterilization. The pouch also has a removable header portion. The figures below illustrate the method of sterilization and sealing of the medical device within the pouch.

Another Medtronic application, US20200360069, discloses a curved inflatable bone tamp for unipedicular kyphoplasty comprising an outer shaft defining a passageway, an inner shaft combined with an inflation port to inflate a balloon to create a void within the vertebral body. The figures below illustrate the bone tamp.

Boston Scientific Files a Patent Application for a Pain Management System

U.S. patent application, US20200359960, relates to a system for managing pain including a physiological and functional parameter analyzer, a pain score generator, a pain relief device and a control circuit to control the delivery of the pain-relief therapy using a composite pain score. The figure below illustrates the pain management system and an environment in which the system operates.

Novartis Seeks a Patent for NLRP3 Inflammasome Inhibitors

U.S. patent application ,US20200361899, discusses a method for the treatment of inflammatory disorders through the parenteral administration of NLRP3 specific novel pyridazin-3-yl phenol compounds. The figure below depicts a representative structure of the compound.


Roche Eyes a Patent for Bifunctional Molecules

U.S. patent application, US20200361930, discusses a method for the treatment of various cancers through the oral administration of molecules that specifically degrade EGFR protein. The figure below depicts a representative structure of the molecule.

Merck Seeks a Patent for Novel Biaryl Monobactam Compounds

U.S. patent application, US20200361928, relates to biaryl monobactam compounds and their use as antibiotic agents for the treatment of bacterial infections. The figure below depicts a representative formula for the compound:

Microsoft Seeks a Patent for a Digital Map Calendar User Interface

U.S. patent application, US20200363910 describes a system for a map calendar that includes a navigation system configured to determine a zoom level and a panning position of the map calendar. The system determines a summarization level based on the zoom level and the panning position, and renders the calendar content accordingly. The figure below illustrates the map calendar with a multiple month-based time organization.

Intel Pursues a Patent for Three Dimensional Scene Reconstruction

U.S. patent application, US20200364928, relates to an apparatus for generating a three-dimensional (3D) model for 3D scene reconstruction. The apparatus includes a 3D scene generator to generate a 3D model based on a trained generative model and a digital image captured in a real environment, an image simulator to generate a simulated image based on the 3D model, and a discriminator to apply a discriminative model to the simulated image.

Alibaba Aims to Patent a Smart Broadcast Device

U.S. patent application, US20200360369, relates to a smart broadcast device that displays a payment graphic code and communicates with a payment service provider to receive an external trigger signal, which includes data defining a payment result. Based on the trigger signal, the device outputs a payment result audio. The figure below illustrates the smart broadcast device.

IBM Files a Patent Application for Automated Assignment of Tasks Based on User Profile Data for Improved Efficiency

U.S. patent application, US20200364646, discloses a method for matching a participant to a task that includes determining the parameters of the tasks, such as time to perform the task and a threshold level of expertise, and assigning the task to a participant based on profile information and multi-variable optimization on cost, time, and quality of the deliverable of the task. The figures below illustrate the method.

Apple Files a Patent Application for Representing a Virtual Object in a View of a Real Environment

U.S. patent application, US20200364939, discloses a method that includes providing an image of a human face captured by a camera and a specific characteristic, determining a face region in the image, determining the light falling on the face and blending the virtual object in view of the real environment according to the light. The illustration below depicts the method of determining the light.


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