Published On: August 7th, 2020Categories: Featured Applications

Microsoft invents a controller-less keyboard for future Surface Laptops.

In this week’s featured patents, we cover the latest patent applications from Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, IBM, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Novartis, and Abbott.

Microsoft Aims to Patent a Controller-Less Quick Tactile Feedback Keyboard

U.S. patent application, 20200251648, discusses techniques to provide quick haptic feedback in the form of a simulated “key-click” when a key is pressed on a keyboard without a controller. The haptic feedback mimics the tactile sensation of a mechanical key to give users the perception that they have actuated a mechanically movable key. The figure below illustrates a localized haptic feedback provided on a keyboard.

Apple Seeks a Patent for Location-Based Device Automation

U.S. patent application, 20200252230, presents a device automation method that identifies mobile devices at a location, such as living room, backyard, or pool, and selects an entertainment option, such as a song or a movie to be played at that location.

Amazon Wants a Patent for Voice Control of Alexa and Echo Devices

U.S. patent application, 20200251107, describes a system configured to enable a remote control feature that allows a first user to provide assistance to a second user, remotely. The system may receive a command from the second user to grant remote control to the first user, and enables the first user to initiate a voice command on behalf of the second user. The figure below illustrates disabling acoustic echo cancellation temporarily when the remote control is enabled.

IBM Files a Patent Related to a Hierarchical Menu for Application Transition

U.S. patent application, 20200249786, discloses a method for transitioning between applications. The method includes displaying a hierarchical menu on a user device when pressure is applied on its touch screen. The hierarchical menu includes indicators of opened applications in the user device and the other devices paired with the user device. The figure below illustrates a computer system that implements the hierarchical menu for the application transition.

Medtronic Seeks a Patent for Systems that Establish a Secure Communication Link in Medical Implants and Another Patent for Systems that Allow Patient Monitoring

U.S. patent application, 20200252436, describes a system for establishing a secure communication link between an implantable medical device and an external device. The external device is paired with the implanted device using encryption keys and upon receiving a verification signal, establishes a secure link. The figure below depicts the medical device system.

Another U.S. patent application, 20200246543, relates to a patient monitoring system that obtains measurement data and prioritization rules on a plurality of patients from a database, and based on the measurement data, provides a prioritized list of the patients in a dashboard graphical user interface display. The figure below shows the patient monitoring user interface display.

Boston Scientific Wants to Patent a Tissue Extraction Device

U.S. patent application, 20200246067, discloses a tissue resection device that comprises inner and outer coaxial sleeves. The outer sleeve has a cutting window, and the inner sleeve has a distal cutting end that can be reciprocated past the cutting window. The illustration below depicts a tissue-cutting device that is inserted through the working channel of a hysteroscope.

Novartis Aims to Patent a Novel Combination Therapy

U.S. patent application, 20200246346, presents a novel pharmaceutical combination comprising an RAF inhibitor and an MEK inhibitor. The combination is used in the preparation of a medicament for the treatment of a proliferative disease.

Roche Files a Patent Application for Oligonucleotides that Reduce PD-L1 Expression

U.S. patent application, 20200247884, discloses novel sequences for antisense oligonucleotides that are capable of reducing the expression of PD-L1 in a target cell. These oligonucleotides are used in treating viral liver infections, parasite infections, and cancer.

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