Published On: March 12th, 2018Categories: Announcements, Conferences, IP Management

We are pleased to announce that MaxVal is sponsoring the 9th Global IP Exchange 2018 to be held in Berlin, Germany (March 12-14, 2018). 

Global IP Exchange will bring together the leading Heads of IP, Patent, Trademark and Brand Protection to discuss the new ideas and helps to strengthen the global IP strategy. 

MaxVal, a fast-growing IP management company, helps companies and law firms across the globe manage their intellectual assets efficiently and effectively. MaxVal’s Symphony®, a data-driven IP management solution that integrates all aspects of IP management into a single platform which handles invention management, docketing, portfolio management, annuity payments, and more.

Global IP Exchange is one of the IP events which help the IP professionals who are focused on building a business-driven IP strategy. We are proud to sponsor this event and discuss ways Symphony® can help clients with their IP strategy,” said D. Bommi Bommannan, Founder, and CEO of MaxVal Group.

If you are attending this event and would like to know how you can achieve data-driven outcome optimization, contact [email protected] to schedule a meeting with the MaxVal team.

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MaxVal is a silicon valley-based tech-enabled managed solutions provider known for its cutting-edge products and automated solutions. Since 2004, MaxVal has been providing technology-enabled solutions and expert services by partnering with patent counsel and patent operations teams to optimize patent lifecycle management with high levels of customer service.

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