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We take a look at the latest happenings around the use of artificial intelligence for drug discovery.

Startups Automating Clinical Trials Using AI

To overcome the extremely expensive process involved in developing new drug therapies, seven AI healthcare startups are applying machine-learning algorithms to further automate clinical trials. To read more, click here.

AI for Discovering Drugs for Cardiovascular disease and oncology

Exscientia, an AI-driven drug discovery company, has entered into a collaboration agreement with Bayer to accelerate the discovery of small molecule drugs focused on cardiovascular disease and oncology. Under the agreement, Exscientia may receive up to €240 million, including upfront and research payments, near term and clinical milestones. To read more, click here.

Robotic Cloud Lab in San Diego
Eli Lilly has partnered with Strateos, Inc. to launch a remote-controlled robotic lab that will offer a secure cloud-based platform to other drug discovery companies and research scientists. The lab physically and virtually integrates several areas of the drug discovery process—including design, synthesis, purification, analysis, sample management, and hypothesis testing—into a fully automated platform. To read more, click here.

Insilico & Pfizer Join Hands

Pfizer has joined forces with Insilico to identify biomarkers for drug discovery. Insilico’s AI platform also uses reinforcement learning and other machine learning techniques to generate novel molecular structures and can even be used to predict the outcome of costly clinical drug trials. To read more, click here


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