In this blog post, we take a look at the latest happenings around AI chips.

Microsoft Has Big AI Plans for Azure Cloud
Tech-giant Microsoft aims to improve the popularity of Azure, its cloud platform, with the help of a new kind of chip designed by Graphcore specifically made for AI. Graphcore’s processor would support calculations for recognizing faces, parsing languages and training robots. To read more, click here

AI Chip Startup Cerebras Reveals the ‘World’s Fastest AI Supercomputer’
Cerebras, a Los Altos-based startup, claims that it has created the world’s fastest AI supercomputer, thanks to its indigenously developed Wafer Scale Engine chip. It houses 78 more compute cores than the largest GPUs in existence. In total, it is said to house 400,000 compute cores and 18GB of on-chip memory. To read more, click here

Intel Plans to Buy an Israeli Chip Startup for $1B
Reports suggest that Intel plans to acquire Havana Labs, an Israel-based chip developer for $1B to $2B. If the acquisition materializes, it would be Intel’s second-largest acquisition of an Israeli company, the former being Mobileye. To read more, click here

New Chip Architecture Targets Graph Processing
AI processor designer, Blaize, unveils its fully programmable Graphic Streaming Processor (GSP). The GSP ships out with a desktop unit that can be simply plugged into the power socket and Ethernet. The GSP claims to fulfill AI processing needs previously unmet by CPUs or GPUs. To read more, click here

Dual-Mode 5G AI Chip to be Jointly Developed by Vivo and Samsung
Samsung and Vivo came together to develop the Exynos 980 chip, which realizes the advantages of both companies, in order to support dual-mode 5G and AI capabilities. This joint venture will help accelerate the popularization of 5G mobile phones. The chip could enable data speeds of up to 2.55 Gbps in a 5G environment. To read more, click here


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