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In today’s blog post, we cover the latest happenings around 5G technology.

2000 5G Patent Declarations Made by Nokia
Nokia pioneered the earliest cellular innovations that laid the foundation for the entire industry. The technologies invented by Nokia Bell Labs continue to lead the world in this 5G era. Nokia recently announced that it has declared more than 2,000 patent families to the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) as essential for the 5G standard. To read more, click here

Verizon to Show How 5G Will Disrupt Manufacturing
Looking at a new partnership with industrial manufacturer Corning (GLW), Verizon aims to demonstrate the real life impact of 5G technology, by deploying and testing a 5G network in one of Corning’s largest manufacturing facilities. Since 5G is nearly 100 times faster than 4G, it will allow a huge number of devices to be interconnected. The devices will be able to communicate almost instantly with servers and in the factory setting. It may also replace the humans driving materials around the plant with self-driving vehicles. To read more, click here

Does 5G Pose a Health Risk?
For the most part, the amount of radiation emitted by 5G network’s emitted radiation will be the same as with the previous networks (e.g. 4G), except that it would expose people to a new type of radiation called millimeter waves. This non-ionising radiation has a higher frequency than those in current mobile telecommunications. There has been little research about its health effects. Millimeter waves do not penetrate our skin as much as lower frequency waves, but the industry may need to do a risk assessment on the skin to move forward. To read more, click here

New Cloud-Based Network Decision Platform for Implementing 5G
Accenture launched its Network Decision Platform which leverages big data, analytics and AI to provide network operators with a variety of insights, such as how to optimally deploy their 5G network services. This could help in network investment, planning and customer acquisition. To read more, click here

EU Performed a Risk Assessment of 5G Network Security
The European Union Member States published a report which details the security risks associated with 5G networks. The report identifies the cyber threats, key vulnerabilities and strategic risks. The risk is aggravated by the role of suppliers who are building and developing 5G networks. To read more, click here

UK Could Let Huawei into Its 5G Networks
The Prime Minister of the UK may allow Huawei into “non-contentious” parts of 5G networks in the country. The risk due to Chinese surveillance (if any) is expected to be limited. Significantly, the top 4 UK-based carriers – EE, O2, Three and Vodafone, use Huawei gear in their 5G networks. To read more, click here


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