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Chinese smartphone maker ZTE’s patent filings depict both horizontal folding and a clam shell design.

The first foldable devices launched by the likes of Samsung, Huawei and Motorola have sparked a debate on which folding mechanism is the best. The foldable devices currently available in the market either fold in horizontal direction like the Samsung Galaxy Fold or in a vertical direction like the Motorola Razr. Chinese smartphone maker ZTE appears to have a foot in both camps with patents filings depicting both horizontal folding and a clam shell design.

ZTE’s PCT Application No. WO2020093975 titled, “Flexible Screen Extension Mechanism, Expandable Flexible Screen Assembly And Terminal”, relates to a flexible screen extension mechanism that includes a storage assembly and a flat board supporting assembly staggered with a storage toothed structure to permit a sliding action. This application takes a different approach to providing a small form-factor that can transform to a larger display when needed. The device display extends from both directions rather than unfolding.


PCT Application No. WO2020093975 assigned to ZTE

ZTE’s PCT Application No. WO2020093846 titled, “Flexible Screen Storage Device, Flexible Screen Stretching Quantity Measurement Method, And Terminal”, relates to a flexible screen storage device with a storage frame, a cylinder, a center shaft and a conductive contact pin. While WO2020093975 discloses a foldable device that extends when required, WO2020093846 discloses a storage area for rolling the flexible display when collapsed.


PCT Application No. WO2020093846 assigned to ZTE

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