Published On: June 5th, 2020Categories: Featured Applications

Only a select few handset makers offer a foldable smartphone amongst their offerings. 

PCT Publication No. WO2020097798 assigned to Royole discloses a method for mitigating false touch inputs when the user holds the display. The publication titled, “Terminal Device and Touch Response Control Method Therefor”, discloses the use of several proximity sensors that are strategically placed in each of the holding areas of the device. When a pre-set number of proximity sensors in a holding area simultaneously detects a user contact, the processor of the device is programmed to not respond to the resulting touch operation.

PCT Application No. WO2020097798 assigned to Shenzhen Royole Technologies

US Publication No. US20200161589 assigned to Fujifilm and titled “Organic Electroluminescent Display Device”, seems to be disclosing a foldable electroluminescent display. The application appears to address the degradation of optical properties at the bending region of the display due to the large tensile force exerted by the bending action. The proposed display has a circularly polarizing plate, a first adhesion layer, and a bendable organic electroluminescent display panel, in which the circularly polarizing plate includes, a linear polarizer, a second adhesion layer, and a phase difference layer with the first adhesion layer thicker than the second adhesion layer. Additionally, the absorption axis of the linear polarizer is set such that the tint experienced at the ridgeline of the bent electroluminescent display is improved.

US Publication No. US20200161589 assigned to Fujifilm

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