Last week we covered publications that disclose unique designs with flexible displays (read it here). This week we continue our coverage with two more such unique designs.

U.S. Publication No. 20200260568 assigned to Sony and titled, “Display Unit and Electronic Apparatus”, discloses a unique design that has a display that is very thin and flexible to the point that it can be twisted and rolled similar to traditional paper. The focus of the patent is on a method for protecting the display device by limiting the flexibility of the display in one direction using support members, which also helps the display maintain a bending state set by the user.

US Publication No. 20200260568 assigned to Sony

Samsung’s design as disclosed in its U.S. Publication No. 20200257334 titled, “Foldable Display Device” utilizes a light-transmitting area within the display to provide visual information to the user even in a folded state. The design includes a foldable display with two display regions. The first foldable region has a light-transmitting area (cutout in the display itself). Upon folding the display, the area overlapping the light-transmitting area on the second display region remains active to provide notifications, status information, etc. to the user despite the device being in a folded state.

US Publication No. 20200257334 assigned to Samsung