Published On: August 18th, 2020Categories: Featured Applications

The foldable devices currently available in the market either fold in a horizontal direction like the Samsung Galaxy Fold or in a vertical direction like the Motorola Razr. We have previously covered patent applications disclosing flexible display devices with diverse folding or rolling mechanisms for the extension of the display. The flexible nature of the display opens up the possibility of a variety of form factors. This week we cover two such unique form factors.

U.S. Publication No. 20200253069 assigned to LG and titled, “Flexible Display Device”, discloses a unique design that includes a folding and rolling mechanism. The disclosed mechanism has a foldable hinge in the middle along with a rolling mechanism at one end with a slider incorporated into the backplate of the display, as shown in the figures below. This design allows the user to extend the display via an unfolding mechanism and then further extend it using a sliding mechanism, during which part of the display rolls out from a rolling hinge positioned at one end of the device.

US Publication No. 20200253069 assigned to LG

While the above LG design provides the user with three different configurations, Vivo’s PCT Publication No. 2020156142 titled, “TERMINAL DEVICE” discloses a unique design with a sliding mechanism. When folded the device has a first display region on one side and a second display region on the other side. The first display region of the disclosed display is rigid while the second display region is flexible. The device employs a sliding hinge that slides outwards transitioning the flexible region of the display from the back to the front.

PCT Publication No. 2020156142 assigned to Vivo

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