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Apple receives patent for a wearable electronic device that acquires skin texture pattern for authentication. Read about this and other recently published patents.


In this post, we take you through some of the recent patents from Google, Apple, Intel, Samsung, IBM, Microsoft, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Roche, Novartis, and Merck.

Google awarded patent for a method for defining virtual scenes using natural language commands and natural gestures

US patent 10,403,285 discloses a method for allowing a lay person to easily and intuitively build virtual scenes using natural language spoken words and natural gestures. Figures below illustrate example natural language commands and gestures performed by the person that may be used to define the virtual scene.


Apple receives patent for a wearable electronic device that acquires skin texture pattern for authentication

US patent 10,398,370 discloses a wrist-wearable electronic device with a biometric sensor having sensing pixels to acquire skin texture pattern images and perform authentication based upon the skin texture pattern images. Figures depict a top view and a bottom view of the wearable device.


Intel receives patents for a technique for human detection in high density crowd and a device for animal control around restricted areas

US patent 10,402,633 discloses a non-learning based technique for detecting humans in an image by receiving an image having pixel distance information, determining the height of a pixel above a ground surface, identifying regions and local highest regions that include a head and shoulders of an individual. Illustrations depict stages in the technique.


US patent 10,398,130 describes a device for implementing animal control systems that include a monitoring system to receive an indication of an animal proximate to a restricted area, determine whether to activate a repellent device or an attractant device and activate when the determination is positive. Illustration depicts a range environment.


Samsung wins patent for VR content rating using biometric data

US patent 10,402,888 describes systems and methods that automatically personalize VR content ratings using biometric data on a HMD device. The biometric data of user along with application data is used to generate ratings, recommendations, etc. Figure below illustrates an example system architecture.


IBM patents a method to determine diagnosis using brain wave processing

US patent 10,398,385 discusses a method that involves capturing a scan of brain wave and recognizing a morphological feature within the scan using a template set which has an instruction for determination of morphological features. The recognized feature is compared to a previously recognized feature in a brain wave scan and a probability is determined. The comparison and probability are used to create a diagnosis.

Microsoft obtains patent for deconstructing and recombining 3D graphical objects

US patent 10,403,054 describes generating a customized 3D graphical object by retrieving existing 3D objects from a map application and breaking down into multiple 3D components wherein the customized 3D object is generated from a selection of these 3D components in response to user input. Figure below illustrates a 3D object from a 3D map.


Boston Scientific patents a fluid cooled optical fiber

US patent 10,401,580 presents fluid cooled fiber for use in laser systems to provide fast and efficient discharge of laser energy. The fiber comprises a body with a distal end, an inner cap surrounding the distal end, an outer cap surrounding the inner cap, and a tube attached to said outer cap. The figures below depict i) the optical fiber coupled to a fluid source, and ii) an optical fiber as described in the invention.


Medtronic wins patent for electrical neurostimulation therapy and assisted trajectory planning

US patent 10,398,899 discloses an electrical neurostimulation therapy that includes a processor to determine the location of a physiological midline of a patient’s spinal cord and displays a representation of the physiological midline and the anatomical midline relative to the spinal cord via a user interface. Figure below illustrates a screenshot of a display on a user interface of an external programmer.


Another patent 10,398,387 relates to a computer system assisted surgical procedure that uses trained planning algorithm to identify a selected trajectory to reach a tumor within the brain of a subject and provides a generic rating system that can be augmented on site or online by a clinician to assist in planning a trajectory to perform the procedure. Figure below shows planning and navigation system for assisting in the surgical procedure.


Roche obtains a patent for a bubble trap for removing bubbles in an infusion pump

US patent 10,398,853 relates to a bubble trap for removing bubbles from a stream of liquid, comprising a containment chamber fluidly coupled to an outlet conduit, and several grates disposed between the chamber and the outlet, wherein each grate includes several grate inlets. The below figure depicts the cross-section of a bubble trap.


Novartis receives patent for an ophthalmic illumination system

US patent 10,400,967 describes an ophthalmic illumination system with a light source to emit a light beam, a filter comprising a clear region to transmit visible light in the visible spectrum, and a filtered region to transmit visible light in a spectral range. The system includes several chromaticity sensors to receive a portion of the light beam transmitted by the filter and send out a signal indicating chromaticity of the received beam. Image below illustrates the ophthalmic illumination system.


Merck awarded patent for a biomolecule analyzer

US patent 10,401,322 presents an analyzer for biomolecules such as proteins that includes a transfer membrane, a conveying unit, a separation unit, an electrode, and an insulating electrode cover. The analyzer can be used for proteome analysis. The image below depicts the arrangement of an anode cover in a biomolecule analyzer.

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