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Google gains patent for managing messages in vehicles. Read about this and other recently published patents.


In this post, we take you through some of the recent patents from Google, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Intel, Boston Scientific, Merck, Medtronic, Roche and Novartis.

Google gains patent for managing messages in vehicles

US patent 10,423,292 discloses a method for displaying a candidate message on a vehicle display upon determining whether the particular message has a display context that matches the current vehicle’s context. Figure below illustrates an example of user interface that displays prioritized messages based on vehicle data.


IBM patents method of controlling digital pen using a wearable device

US patent 10,423,236 discusses a method and a system for controlling a digital stylus from a wearable device by providing an indication as to how the digital stylus should be used on a computing device, and executing the indication from the wearable device. Figures illustrate gestures triggered by movements of a smart watch when an electronic pen is in use.


Microsoft obtains patent for display device viewer gaze attraction

US patent 10,424,103 discloses a display device that uses gaze tracking data to attract the gaze of a viewer by configuring the display device to present a guide element. Figure below illustrates the display that attracts the gaze of a viewer in a room interacting with computing devices.


Apple receives patent for collision warnings provided by stationary vehicles

US patent 10,424,204 discloses a collision avoidance system in which a stationary vehicle monitors external environment for moving objects and performs collision avoidance mechanism based on visual, auditory or vehicle-to-vehicle warning communications. Figure below illustrates an environment that includes a vehicle implementing automated collision avoidance.


Samsung awarded patent for rollable display device

US patent 10,426,046 describes a rollable display device that includes a roller, a display that is rollable onto the roller in a first direction, and a number of thin plates positioned at a rear surface of the rollable display, the thin plates being rollable onto the roller in the first direction along with the rollable display. Figure depicts the patented idea.


Intel bags patent for a folding device

US patent 10,426,051 discloses a folding device that includes a first and a second frame, an actuator coupled to the first frame and coupled to the second frame with a hinge and a display coupled to both the frames and configured to wrap around the ends of the frames in a folded position and rotate to an unfolded position. Illustration depicts a folding device.


Boston Scientific wins patent for medicament delivery vehicle and spinal cord modulation system

US patent 10,420,956 discloses a medicament delivery vehicle having a reversibly deformable carrier to support a medicament, and a number of radioactive seeds that are positionable within a void in a patient’s body, wherein the carrier anatomically replicates an excised cancer bed of the patient. Figures below illustrate the medicament delivery vehicle inserted in the patient.


Another US patent 10,420,938 relates to a method of operating an implantable neuromodulator which involves conveying electrical modulation energy to tissue of the patient in accordance with a modulation parameter set, wherein conveying the electrical modulation energy stimulates dorsal horn neuronal elements more than dorsal column neuronal elements. Figure below shows the spinal cord modulation system.


Merck bags patent for antibiotic compositions

US patent 10,420,841 provides pharmaceutical compositions comprising ceftolozane and tazobactam, methods of preparing these compositions, and the use of these compositions as antibiotics.

Medtronic awarded patent for a swivel knuckle connection

US patent 10,422,457 presents a swivel knuckle assembly for interconnecting a motor and a supply line, wherein the knuckle assembly includes a bearing member to reduce coefficient of friction and contains a locking mechanism to connect members of the knuckle assembly. Images below depict an exploded view of a knuckle assembly.


Roche receives patent for targeted sequencing

US patent 10,421,999 describes methods, compositions and kits for targeted sequencing of polynucleotides with high accuracy, and low amplification and sequencing errors. The image below illustrates the method for targeted sequencing.


Novartis patents system for indirectly determining weight on eye during laser surgery

US patent 10,420,677 presents a system for indirectly determining weight on eye resulting from contact between the eye and a docking apparatus for laser, wherein the system includes a docking apparatus, a measuring device, a display and a processor that determines a relative distance between a detectable position of a component of the docking apparatus and a neutral position of the eye, determines the weight on eye by reference to sensed force-distance reference data, and generates and transmits a pictorial representation of weight on eye to a display.

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