Intel receives patents for a magic wand system and eye tracking technique using array camera. Read about this and other recently published patents.


In this post, we take you through some of the recent patents from Microsoft, Intel, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Google, Merck, Medtronic, Roche, Boston Scientific, Abbott, and Novartis.

Microsoft patents AR based community review for automobile drivers and a method of providing notifications related to traffic activity

US patent 10,334,199 discusses a method of augmenting each driver’s view with virtual information about other drivers using an AR device. The method allows a driver to express opinions on driving behavior of other drivers and to accumulate data to produce a behavior for a particular driver as shown in figure below.


US patent 10,328,945 discusses determining a state change related to external traffic awareness around a user vehicle. If a user is interacting with a device in a stopped vehicle, then changes in external traffic related to pedestrians, other vehicles, traffic signals, etc. are provided to the user as a notification as depicted below.


Intel receives patents for a magic wand system and eye tracking technique using array camera

US patent 10,328,342 describes a system for detecting gestures and sensor data from a wand, converting the data into a spell sequence, and computing a spell output based on the spell sequence, wand position, and a quest that is indicative of an order in which devices can be activated. Illustration depicts a gaming environment based on the patented system.


US patent 10,327,633 discloses an eye tracking technique that determines a pupil center position based on generated pupil images and glint positions detected from images obtained from an array camera. Illustration below depicts an eye tracking system.


Facebook obtains patent for techniques to create automated bots for web pages

US patent 10,333,868 discloses techniques to automatically create web page bots that can communicate via messages to users on behalf of the web page or the administrator. The figure below illustrates user-to-bot conversation using the patented method.


Amazon awarded patent for automatically activating privacy mode based on speaker identity

US patent 10,332,517 discloses a speech recognition system which allows users to interact with a computing device. The system is indicated to activate a privacy mode based on user’s speech identity. Figure below illustrates an example of a computer network for use with the system.


Apple acquires patent for an intelligent automated assistant in media environment

US patent 10,331,312 pertains to user interaction with a digital assistant of a media device, wherein the digital assistant displays natural language requests which are contextually related to a media content that is displayed on the device. The assistant performs such tasks without disrupting the user experience of the media content as shown below.


Google secures patent for virtual assistant identification of nearby devices

US patent 10,332,523 describes activating speech reception of a user in a virtual assistant device to automatically identify other computing devices and enabling the assistant to select the computing device to respond to the user input.

Merck wins patent on white light emission

US patent 10,333,068 discloses compositions for white light emissions having two different conjugated polymers and phosphorescent small molecule emitters for use in devices such as smartphones, tablet computers, TVs, and modern thin lighting devices.

Medtronic obtains patent for percutaneous needle guide

US patent 10,327,804 describes a method for gaining percutaneous access using a non-invasive medical scanning device having an indicator element that guides the insertion of a percutaneous needle through an epidermis of a body to gain access when the device is positioned over the epidermis for scanning. Figure below depicts the percutaneous needle access.


Roche acquires patent for basal rate adjustment method for insulin

US patent 10,332,633 relates to a method of determining a basal rate adjustment of insulin in a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system for diabetic patients. Below figure illustrates the block diagram with flowchart of a CGM system comprising an insulin pump whose basal rate is adjusted using a control-to-range algorithm having an aggressiveness factor.


Boston Scientific patents stent with balloon for repair of anastomosis surgery leaks

US patent 10,327,778 presents a stent comprising an elongated tube with polymeric coating and having a balloon positioned between the proximal and distal end of the tube. Figure below depicts the cross-sectional view of an illustrative stent.


Abbott wins patent for infant nutritional product comprising RRR alpha-tocopherol

US patent 10,328,049 reveals a nutritional product to improve central nervous system maturation in infants using a composition containing an optimum tocopherol profile similar to that found in human breast milk, and encompassing a tocopherol profile from early stage to transitional to mature human breast milk.

Novartis patents reusable lens molds

US patent 10,328,645 pertains to a reusable mold for making a contact lens, wherein the mold comprises a first and second half which are in contact with a hydrogel contact lens forming composition and are designed to receive each other such that a cavity is formed between them, wherein the cavity defines the shape of a contact lens to be molded. Figure below illustrates the patented mold.


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