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Microsoft patents smart rings for gesture detection. Read about this and other recently published patents.


In this post, we take you through some of the recent patents from Microsoft, Intel, Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Roche, Merck, and Abbott.

Microsoft patents smart rings for gesture detection

US patent 10,359,846 describes a wearable finger band that includes pressure sensors positioned on the inner surface and configured to sense changes to tendons of a user’s finger as pressure signals. The band also includes a gesture component to interpret the pressure signals to identify individual actions performed by the user’s finger. Figures below illustrate the finger band and an example use case.


Intel receives patents for a sleep recommendation engine and a spoofing detection technique in image biometrics

US patent 10,357,199 discloses a sleep environment monitor and a recommendation engine that uses information about the static sleep environment, dynamic environmental factors and recent user behaviour to classify sleep data and provides recommendations to improve the user’s sleep quality. Illustrations depict how a user’s activities before bed may affect sleep quality.


US patent 10,360,442 describes a spoof detection technique that includes creating a marker for the representation of a user body part in images, identifying a feature of the environment of the user and quantifying a correlation between the marker and the feature to produce a synchronicity metric of the degree of correlation. Illustration depicts scene line transformation with identified face markers.


Apple awarded patent for biometric initiated communication

US patent 10,359,876 discusses a device that processes touch screen input to determine if the manner in which the input was entered indicates that the user intends to contact an emergency service. Various parameters like fingerprint, finger sequence, screen input timing and force data, are used for determining if the user intends to execute that particular command.

Amazon obtains patent for robot implemented item manipulation

US patent 10,360,531 describes a method of analyzing items including a target item for manipulation using machine vision rules. When a determination is made that a robot is unable to perform the manipulation, an instruction for manipulating the target item is received. The robot may manipulate the target item using the instruction, as shown below.


Google wins patent for filtering content based on user mobile network and data-plan

US patent 10,361,936 discloses a method for filtering content for display to a user based on network availability and data plan availability, wherein the content filtering factors also depend on user interest, user content quality preference, current location, etc.

Facebook secures patent for an enhanced LCD device for VR systems

US patent 10,360,857 discloses an enhanced LCD device with a backlight unit that projects light towards a liquid crystal layer only during illumination time period of a frame time to reduce image streaking and latency in the display of VR or AR systems.


Medtronic wins patent for a neural interface system and an operative tool guidance device

US patent 10,357,649 relates to a neural interface system having an electrode array with a series of electrode sites attached to a support carrier for deep brain stimulation that provides fine electrode site positioning, selectivity, tunability and precise stimulation patterning. Figure below illustrates the neural interface system implanted in a patient.


Another US patent 10,357,230 discloses a guide device for guiding an operative tool for use within an interior tissue region having a guide tube that establishes a guide passage, and a steering assembly that deflects the guide tube so that the operative tool can be placed in a desired orientation with respect to tissue. Figure below shows the steerable guide system controlled by a clinician.

image11-22Boston Scientific receives patent for a surgical needle device

US patent 10,357,284 describes a surgical device including an introducer needle with a handle assembly and a needle assembly, a tissue support implant, and an anchoring device. Figure below depicts the introducer needle and anchor system.


Roche awarded patent on oligonucleotides for controlling amplification of nucleic acids

US patent 10,358,675 presents sequences and kits for oligonucleotides that are useful for the detection of a control nucleic acid and aid in qualitative and quantitative studies.

Merck gains patent for human respiratory syncytial virus neutralizing virus

US patent 10,358,480 discloses monoclonal antibodies which have high respiratory syncytial virus neutralizing ability. The sequences of nucleic acids encoding the antibodies and host cells transformed therewith are also detailed.

Abbott obtains patent for radially expandable polymer prosthesis

US patent 10,357,384 presents expandable polymeric stents for implantation having fracture toughness and resistance to recoil after deployment. The method of manufacturing such stents and the specifications related to their build are also described in the disclosure. Figure below is an illustration of the radially expandable polymer prosthesis.


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