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Facebook eyes patent for system for discharging heat out of HMD. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.



In this post, we take you through some of the recent patent applications from IBM, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Intel, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Roche, Merck, and Novartis.

IBM wants to patent eye-mounted hearing aid

US patent application 20190320273 discloses a method of stimulating a cornea by capturing sound with a microphone, transducing the captured sound to an electric signal, stimulating a piezo-electric element adjacent to a receptor of the cornea, wherein the piezo-electric element is positioned on an eye lens with an electric signal. An eye-based hearing system is illustrated.


Facebook eyes patent for system for discharging heat out of HMD

US patent application 20190317573 describes an HMD device that includes a hybrid fan, a printed circuit board (PCB), and a heat pipe to dissipate heat. The hybrid fan pulls air from the rear side of the HMD and the heat pipe transfers heat away from the PCB. A perspective view of a front body of the HMD without a front cover is illustrated.



Microsoft seeks patent for real-world awareness for VR

US patent application 20190320138 discloses an awareness module for monitoring external signals by accessing the sensor of another device and determining a notification level for an interruption notification of the VR application based on the external signal. Based on the type of interruption notification, it may be provided to the VR application. Figure below illustrates the real-world awareness for VR.


Apple files patent application for dynamic image stabilization using motion sensors

US patent application 20190317659 discloses a method for dynamically adjusting the image content in a portable electronic device to keep the image content aligned with the user’s gaze, when the user is walking or jogging. The image content gradually drifts back to the center of the display, when the device stops moving. An optional cushion that can be provided around an image content to prevent content clipping during dynamic image stabilization is shown below.



Google aims to patent techniques for image editing with audio data

US patent application 20190317593 discloses a method for editing an image in a wearable device based on received sensor data that includes a representation of hand movement, head movement or voice command associated with a user. Figures below represents an example wearable display device in which image editing may be implemented.


Intel files patent applications for deep computational holography and an apparatus for projecting augmented reality

US patent application 20190317451 discloses techniques to generate holographic images of target images that includes a hybrid system having a pre-trained deep neural network and a suitable propagation model to generate diffraction pattern image data for generating holographic images on a holographic display. Illustration depicts the system.


US patent application 20190318167 discloses an apparatus for projecting AR enhancements to real objects in response to user gestures. The apparatus includes an object detector to detect real objects based on depth data, a gesture detector to detect a user gesture based on motion data, and an enhancement determiner to determine an AR enhancement based on the user gesture and the real object. Figure below illustrates an example.



Medtronic aims to patent vector flush sizing catheter

US patent application 20190314608 presents a vector flush sizing catheter that is used to disperse contrast and measure the length of an intra-vascular vessel using radiopaque measuring markers of the catheter. Image below illustrates the vector flush sizing catheter with a deflected guide tube.


Boston Scientific seeks to patent implant for treating pelvic floor disorder

US patent application 20190314128 presents a Y-shaped implant used to treat vaginal vault prolapse during a sacrocolpopexy procedure. Illustration below shows the medical implant placed inside a patient’s body.



Roche wants to patent an SPR-based dual-binding assay

US patent application 20190317086 reveals a novel SPR-based dual-binding assay for measuring the interactions of multispecific antibodies, wherein the overall binding can be calculated based on the determined individual readouts. Image below depicts the capturing and interaction of the two antigens to a bispecific antibody, exemplified by a CrossMab.


Merck eyes patent on influenza hemagglutinin protein vaccines

US patent application 20190314486 relates to influenza virus hemagglutinin proteins, DNA vaccines based on these proteins, methods of using the vaccines, and compositions comprising the vaccines. Sequences related to the vaccines are also disclosed.

Novartis seeks to patent compounds for inducing chondrogenesis

US patent application 20190314348 reveals the structure of compounds that can be used in pharmaceutical compositions for the treatment of joint damage, and are useful in inducing the differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into chondrocytes.

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