Google seeks a patent for activity monitoring via a home assistant. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.


In this post, we take you through recent patent applications from Google, Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, Qualcomm, Apple, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Roche, Novartis, and Abbott.

Google Seeks a Patent for Activity Monitoring via a Home Assistant

US patent application 20190362608 describes a home assistant device for monitoring activity in a home environment by detecting a sound, checking whether the sound meets a criteria, and if the sound meets the criteria, obtaining a classification of the sound and generating an alert in accordance with the classification of the sound. The figure below illustrates a voice-activated device monitoring a home.


Microsoft Wants a Patent for Accelerated Gaze-Supported Manual Cursor Control

US patent application 20190361521 describes a method for improving user interaction with a virtual environment by measuring a first position of a user’s gaze relative to the virtual environment, receiving a system engagement input, presenting a guidance cursor at the first position, receiving a target engagement input, decoupling the guidance cursor from the user’s gaze, receiving a movement input, and translating the guidance cursor based on the movement input. A head mounted device (HMD) device and a guidance cursor movement through the virtual environment is depicted.


IBM Files a Patent Application for Airborne Anxiety Detection and Remediation

US patent application 20190358429 describes a method for detection and remediation of anxiety by receiving an anxiety indicator, selecting a sound if the anxiety level exceeds a threshold, and outputting the sound for anxiety remediation. A system for detecting and remediating anxiety is illustrated.

image16-13Samsung Eyes a Patent for Managing Content in an AR System

US patent application 20190362563 describes a method for managing content in an AR system by identifying a digital artefact that is used by a first application of an electronic device, displaying the digital artefact on a captured image which includes an object of a real world where the digital artefact is displayed on or around the object, and, while the digital artefact is displayed, receiving a user input on the digital artefact or the object for performing an action associated with the digital artefact.



Qualcomm Files Patent Applications for an Apparatus for User Verification by Ultrasonic Subdermal Probe and Techniques for Wireless Communications Between Vehicles

US patent application 20190361104 discloses an apparatus to verify a user by ultrasonic subdermal probe that has a transmitter, receiver and computer to scan an object having an outer surface, such as a surface of a finger and internal parts, analyse detected ultrasonic energy and verify if the object is alive. Illustrations depict the system.


US patent application 20190361440 discloses communications techniques between vehicles that include a first vehicle receiving information from a second vehicle that is indicative of detecting an unknown vehicle that is unable to communicate wirelessly with both the vehicles and controlling the movement of the first vehicle based on the indication. The illustration depicts the communication technique of the invention.


Apple Files a Patent Application for an Interface Circuitry for a Bidirectional Power Connector

US patent application 20190361056 discloses an interface circuit that detects the presence of a power providing/receiving accessory by detecting the presence of power on the power pin or by the presence of a pull-down resistor on a data pin of the accessory. After detecting the type of accessory, the interface circuit communicates with the accessory and power transfer takes place between them.

Boston Scientific Seeks Patents for an Adaptive Neurostimulation System and an Implantable Device for the Biliary and Pancreatic Tract

US patent application 20190358454 relates to a method for the programming of an implantable neurostimulation system, as illustrated in the figure below. The system is used to treat chronic pain in a patient and uses patient state data to predict an improvement of the experienced pain.


Another patent application 20190358063 discloses an implantable device having a braided stent to be disposed within a patient such that a first end is disposed within the duodenum and a second end within a region of biliary or pancreatic tract to drain fluid from the region. The image below shows the stent for draining fluids from the patient’s body.


Medtronic Eyes a Patent on a Wireless Nerve Integrity Monitoring Systems

US patent application 20190357839 presents a nerve integrity monitoring device that includes a control module and a physical layer module, wherein the control module is configured to generate a payload request that (i) requests a data payload from a sensor in a wireless nerve integrity monitoring network, and (ii) indicates whether a stimulation probe device is to generate a stimulation pulse. The illustration given below shows the wireless nerve integrity monitoring system.


Roche Aims to Patent a Method for Targeted Sequencing and UID Filtering

US patent application 20190360045 discloses the methods, compositions, and kits for targeted sequencing of polynucleotides with high accuracy and low amplification of sequencing errors and bias. The image below illustrates the method for targeted sequencing.


Novartis Wants to Patent a Composition for Treating Multiple Sclerosis

US patent application 20190358178 reveals a pharmaceutical composition comprising a 2-amino-2-[2-(4-C.sub.2-20-alkyl-phenyl)ethyl]propane-1,3-diol compound for treating pediatric patients with multiple sclerosis.

Abbott Files a Patent for a Suturing Device

US patent application 20190357900 discloses a suturing device for percutaneous closure of arterial and venous puncture sites, which are usually accessed through a tissue tract. The illustration below shows the system deployed at an angle relative to the axis of a blood vessel.