Featured Patent Applications of the Week: May 7, 2020


Apple seeks a patent for a method to detect headphone rotation. Read about this and other recently published patent applications

In this post, we introduce you to a few recent patent applications from Intel, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Samsung, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Novartis, and Merck.

Intel Files a Patent for a System that Determines Vehicle Location Using Light Patterns

US patent application 20200141737 describes a system to determine the physical location of an autonomous vehicle that produces a unique light pattern. The system detects the light patterns through video cameras located in the vehicle vicinity and determines the vehicle location. The illustration below depicts a vehicle interacting with a vehicle location system.

Microsoft Aims to Patent an Augmented Reality Immersive Reader

US patent application 20200127960 discloses a mobile device that detects text content in an image using optical character recognition, formats the text content based on a reading preference of the user, and displays the formatted text content on the mobile device. The figure below illustrates example screenshots of the display device.

Apple Seeks a Patent for a Method to Detect Headphone Rotation

US patent application 20200145747 discloses systems and methods of detecting headphone rotation to properly process user input to the headphones. For instance, a degree of headphone rotation is determined and an intended input gesture, such as a swipe on a touch interface of the headphone, is accordingly ascertained. The figures illustrate sample headphone rotation and corresponding gestures (swipes) received.

IBM Files a Patent Relating to Augmenting Graphical User Interfaces in Response to Social Media Interactions

US patent application 20200143425 discloses a method for modifying the contents of a device’s graphical user interface in response to detecting user interactions on a social media channel. The figures below illustrate examples of the graphical user interfaces that are augmented by displaying a digital promotion to the social media channel based on user interactions.

Samsung Intends to Patent a Rollable Display Panel and Device

US patent application 20200142522 describes a rollable device having a display and non-display region, which includes a resistor sensor and a sensor driver. The resistive sensor outputs a sensing signal that varies proportionally to the rolling length of the display panel. The sensor driver determines a driving region of the display panel based on the sensing signal. A perspective view of the rollable device is depicted below.

Boston Scientific Files a Patent for Weeping Balloon Devices and another for Endoscope Attachments

US patent application 20200139090 describes catheters with weeping balloons that include openings of a selected size and shape through which a fluid gradually flows or “weeps”. The figure below shows a portion of another weeping balloon device.

Another application, 20200138274, relates to attachments for endoscopes that include a housing, an angled locking member, a sealing member, and a stabilizing member. The attachments pertain to medical instruments, such as a biopsy cap housing with improved stability and stress distribution to securely attach to an endoscope biopsy port. The image below shows a biopsy cap housing coupled to an endoscope with the attachment member.

Medtronic Seeks to Patent a Posture State Responsive Therapy Delivery Device

US patent application 20200139131 reveals an implantable medical device capable of sensing a signal indicative of the posture state of a patient, classifying the posture state, and suggesting a response in the form of neurostimulation therapy based on the classified posture state of the patient. The image below is a conceptual diagram illustrating an example system that facilitates the definition and classification of posture states.

Novartis Aims to Patent TREM2 Stabilizing Antibodies

US patent application 20200140545 discloses the sequences of antibodies that bind to and stabilize human Triggering Receptor Expressed on Myeloid cells 2 (TREM2) protein.

Merck Files Patent for an Auto-Injector With a Hollow Plunger Rod

US patent application 20200139046 presents a reloadable auto-injector which includes a syringe with a needle positioned in the housing that is movable between a first position with the needle inside the housing, and a second position with the needle protruding outside the housing. The figure below shows an exploded view of an auto-injector.

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