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Google files patent applications relating to camera operable using natural language commands and translations of text in imagesRead about this and other recently published patent applications.

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In this post, we take you through some of the recently filed patent applications of Google, Apple, Amazon, Intel, Microsoft, Facebook, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Roche, Abbott, Novartis, and Merck.

Google files patent applications relating to camera operable using natural language commands and translations of text in images

US patent application 20190166305 discloses a computing device that captures images upon receiving a natural language user input. Figure below illustrates an example of the computing device capturing and displaying a visual token to be included in an image based on user voice inputs.


US patent application 20190163748 discloses a method for identifying text depicted in an image and presenting additional information, such as language translation of the text based on a presentation context associated with the image. Figure below depicts user interfaces for presenting the language translation of text presented in the image.


Apple seeks patents for interactive scene projector

US patent application 20190164344 relates to light and image projection of an interactive scene onto a surface that a user may interact with through various gestures detected by a system. The figures below illustrate projecting a welcoming interactive scene and access interface interactive scene in a vehicle.

Amazon eyes patent for dynamic navigation of autonomous vehicle with safety infrastructure

US patent application 20190160675 describes autonomous mobile robot systems that can be used to safely and efficiently navigate through a facility while avoiding objects in a path during completion of a task. Figure below illustrates collision prevention using fleet management computers, a user device, and an autonomous mobile robot.

Intel applies for patent relating to transition between 2D and 3D renderings of AR content

US application 20190164334 discloses an apparatus having a user input analyzer configured to determine intended movement of an AR object relative to a first zone and a second zone of a real world environment and an AR content generator configured to render movement of the AR object in the zones based on some set of rules. Illustrations depict an example environment.

Microsoft wants patents related to interactive search results page and providing entity recommendations

US patent application 20190163683 discloses an interactive graphical user interface presenting search results to a user, wherein the search results are messages generated by way of social networking applications. The messages are filtered responsive to interactions and presented together with a graphical object message indicating credibility, as shown in the figure below.



US patent application 20190164211 discusses selecting and displaying an entity from an image based on a user preference model. The user indicates likes or dislikes for the displayed images and based on these indications the entities are presented to the user, as shown in the figure below.

Facebook files patent application for determining credibility of social networking posts and recommending live videos to users

US patent application 20190163794 discloses a method of automatically generating contextual information while posting content in a social networking system and indicating the credibility of the posted content based on the contextual information.

US patent application 20190163752 titled “Live Video Recommendation by an Online System” describes identifying topic of live videos during streaming, wherein the topic matches a target user’s interest, and accordingly recommending live videos to the target user in their news feed.

Medtronic files patent applications for tissue conductance communication and multi-site pacing delivery

US patent application 20190160293 discloses a system for monitoring and managing a patient’s health that enables communication between medical devices implanted within the patient and an external medical device having surface electrodes linked to the patient using tissue conduction communication (TCC) signals. Figure below shows the implanted device communicating using TCC signals.

US patent application 20190160288 titled “Efficient Delivery of Multi-Site Pacing” relates to an implantable device for delivering electrical stimulation to a patient’s heart, having ventricular electrodes connected to an implantable pulse generator that delivers pacing pulses to the ventricles if heart failure occurs. Figure below illustrates an implantable medical device coupled to the patient’s heart.

Boston Scientific wants to patent an illuminable needle

US patent application 20190159805 describes an illuminated needle device for performing a heart valve repair includes an outer member and an inner member wherein the inner member includes a distal end that has a radiation emitting element. Figure below shows a side view of a system that includes an illuminable needle device for penetrating tissue in a minimally invasive medical procedure.

Roche seeks a patent for cannula unit

US patent 20190160258 describes a cannula unit comprising a housing and a flexible cannula for infusion site interfaces and infusion pumps. Figure below illustrates a cross section of a cannula unit.

Abbott wants to patent antibodies against T. cruzi

US patent 20190162726 discloses sequences for antibodies against the protozoan parasite Trypanosoma cruzi.

Novartis aims to patent iris edge detection apparatus

US patent 20190159670 reveals an optical coherence tomography (OCT) apparatus that is used for detecting features of an iris during eye examinations. The OCT system is schematically illustrated below.

Merck seeks to patent pharmaceutical composition for neurodegenerative diseases

US patent application 20190161447 discloses the structure of indole derivatives that bind to P2X7 receptors for treating neurodegenerative diseases.


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