Apple wants a patent for determining the location of mobile devices inside a vehicle. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.

Here are a few of the most recent patent applications from Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Roche, and Abbott.

Intel Files a Patent for an Intelligent Vehicle Navigator

US patent application 20200166358 discloses a method of navigating a vehicle by receiving vehicle operation data, determining an operational style of the driver, receiving a vehicle location and a destination, and determining a route from the vehicle location to the destination according to the driver’s operational style. The illustration depicts a flow chart of the vehicle navigation system.

IBM Aims to Patent an Automatic Response System Based on Body Language

US patent application 20200169525 discloses a method for presenting the content of an electronic message to a recipient by inserting response indicators proximate to the related portion of the content, based on the recipients’ sentiments toward the content. The system determines the recipients’ sentiments by capturing the recipients’ gestures. The figure below illustrates a view of the electronic message presented by a user interface of a recipient’s messaging application.

Microsoft Seeks a Patent for a Device with Adaptive Battery Charging

US patent application 20200169102 discloses a device that adaptively charges its battery by monitoring the temperature, age, and outward pressure of the battery, selecting a charging profile for the battery based on the monitoring and charging the battery according to the selected charging profile. The figure below illustrates a device with adaptive battery charging.

Apple Wants a Patent for Determining the Location of Mobile Devices inside a Vehicle

US patent application 20200169855 discloses a method for determining the location of mobile devices inside a vehicle based on the interactions between the vehicle’s signal generators and sensors and the mobile device’s signal generators and sensors. The diagram below depicts a vehicle that includes a device location system using signal sensors to determine a device location.

Medtronic Seeks Patents for Systems for Targeting Treatment Location and Therapy Program Selection

US patent application 20200167922 describes a navigation system that stores an anatomical image of an area of tissue for automatically locating a target treatment structure from the image. The figure below shows the system for identifying the target treatment locations.

Another US patent application 20200164212 relates to a system for therapy program selection that scores each program based on the volume of tissue expected to be activated by the therapy delivery as per the program. Based on the evaluation, electrical stimulation therapy is administered. The figure below illustrates the stimulation system delivering the therapy.

Boston Scientific Aims to Patent a Cauterization Device

US patent application 20200163716 presents a cauterization device with an elongated body having a distal end with a port that permits discharge of laser energy. The laser energy is directed towards a tissue from an optical fiber located in the distal end. The illustration below shows a medical laser system with electrical cauterization.

Roche Wants to Patent a Method for the Re-Use of Enzymes In In Vitro Glycoengineering

US patent application 20200165321 discloses a method for the enzymatic preparation of an antibody with a modified glycosylation in the Fc-region. The method comprises the steps of incubating an antibody that has a glycosylation in the Fc-region with enzymes for a time sufficient to modify the glycosylation of the Fc-region to a defined form, separating via chromatography the antibody with a modified glycosylation in the Fc-region from the enzymes, and thereby producing the antibody with a modified glycosylation in the Fc-region and the recycled enzymes. The incubating step is repeated with the recycled enzymes at least once.

Abbott Seeks to Patent a Tissue Grasping Device

US patent application 20200163672 presents a grasping device that aids in the repair of tissue by improving the capture of tissue into the devices. The image below shows a fixation device embodiment with a leaf spring.

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