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Apple seeks a patent for wireless copying and pasting between devices. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.

In this post, we introduce you to a few recent patent applications from Intel, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Roche, and Merck.

Apple Seeks a Patent for Wireless Copying and Pasting Between Devices

US patent application 20200162876 discloses a method of sharing of clipboard contents wirelessly between devices that enables a text or graphic content to be copied from one application in the first device and pasted in an application of another device. An example data transfer mechanism for copying and pasting between devices is illustrated below.

Intel Files a Patent for a Device that Detects Biking, Walking, and Running Activities

US patent application 20200155901 discloses a wearable device that automatically identifies an activity, in which a user of the device is engaged. The wearable device receives the user’s motion data, determines the magnitude and frequency of the motion, and identifies the user’s activity. The illustration depicts the device worn by a user.

Microsoft Pursues a Patent for a Headset with Fingerprint Authentication

US patent application 20200151935 discloses a “dual-mode” headset equipped with a fingerprint authentication apparatus. The headset functions as a typical audio accessory when coupled to an electronic device. The headset also facilitates the user login procedure by employing fingerprint authentication. The figure below illustrates the system consisting of an electronic device and a headset with a fingerprint reader.

IBM Wants a Patent Relating to Cognitive Snapshots for Visually-Impaired Users

US patent application 20200160748 discloses a device that provides machine-learning-based assistance for a visually-impaired user by recognizing voice commands and launching an application to guide the user to position the device in a way so as to detect a particular portion of an environment via the device’s image sensor. The figure below illustrates the generation of cognitive snapshots of the environment.

Boston Scientific Files Patents for a Penile Prosthesis Pump Assembly and a Button Adapter for a Disposable Ureteroscope

US patent application 20200155318 relates to an inflatable penile prosthesis comprising a fluid reservoir, an inflatable member, and a pump assembly with an outer protective casing having a few valves to transfer the fluid between the reservoir and the inflatable member. The figure below illustrates the inflatable penile prosthesis with the outer protective casing.

Another Boston Scientific application, 20200154992, describes an adapter for a ureteroscope that can be removably attached. The adapter has a button, an actuator, and a control circuit that is activated by the actuator to control the handling of output from the ureteroscope. The figure below shows the adapter of the scope device.

Medtronic Aims to Patent a Miniaturized Analyte Sensor

US patent application 20200155044 describes a two-sensor probe comprising two electrodes, a voltage controller operably connected to the two electrodes, a current sensor operable to measure a current response to the multiple voltage pulses, and a processor module. The illustration below shows a top-down schematic of a two-sensor probe.

Roche Seeks to Patent a Medical Device with Battery Testing

US patent application 20200158785 relates to a device for testing a battery that powers a body-wearable medical device, such as insulin pumps and continuous glucose measurement devices. The device includes battery contacts to contact the battery and a capacitor in parallel electrical arrangement with the battery contacts. The schematic below illustrates an ambulatory medical device in a functional view.

Merck Seeks a Patent on the Cladribine Regimen For Treating Multiple Sclerosis

US patent application 20200155477 mentions a treatment method that uses multiple doses of Cladribine combined with beta interferon for treating multiple sclerosis in patients who are refractory to a conventional therapy.

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