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Apple eyes a patent for augmenting virtual display in a moving vehicle. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.


In this post, we take you through recent patent applications from Intel, Microsoft, Google, IBM, Apple, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Merck, Novartis, and Roche.

Intel Files a Patent Application for an Apparatus to Track Sport Implements

US patent application 20200078649 discloses an apparatus to track objects of interest. The apparatus includes a first coil to generate a first magnetic field along a first line of interest and a second coil configured to generate a second magnetic field, a sensor to measure a magnitude of the first magnetic field and a processor to determine that the object has crossed the first line of interest. The figure below depicts an exemplary sport application.


Microsoft Seeks a Patent for Smart Communications Assistant with an Audio Interface

US patent application 20200084166 describes a method for analyzing the message data to determine the meaning of each message, generating textual summary for the messages based on the determined meaning and then send to a speaker associated with the user. The audio interface may also allow the user to verbally request actions for the messages. The figure below illustrates a smart communications assistant with an audio interface.


Google Files a Patent Application Relating to Contextual Paste Target Prediction

US patent application 20200081609 discloses a method for predicting the target applications for a paste action upon determining a context associated with the previously selected or copied content and presenting the user controls to enable a user to activate the predicted application to paste the content. The figures below illustrate an exemplary implementation of contextual paste target prediction on a computing device.


IBM Wants a Patent for Personality Based Sentiment Analysis of Textual Information Written in Natural Language

US patent application 20200081983 discloses a personality analyzer that obtains data indicative of a personality of an originator of a media input and determines a personality metric of the originator. The sentiment of the media input and the personality metric of its originator are combined to obtain a personality-based sentiment of the media input as illustrated below.


Apple Eyes a Patent for Augmenting Virtual Display in a Moving Vehicle

US patent application 20200082638 discloses a VR system in vehicles for projecting a virtual content to a passenger, such that the content appears as a distant object stabilized or fixed in the external environment. The passenger can perform work while riding in the vehicle in comfort without experiencing motion sickness as the system matches accelerations and motions of the vehicle to accelerations and motions in the virtual experiences.


Boston Scientific Files Patents for a Phrenic Nerve Stimulator and an Endoscopic Suture Assembly

US patent application 20200077938 describes a phrenic nerve pacing system to monitor movement of a diaphragm of a patient. The system includes a pacing detector and a safety system that can be used during a cryoablation procedure. The figure below shows the phrenic nerve stimulator as positioned on the patient.


Another application 20200078006 relates to a needle assembly for endoscopically suturing tissues. The needle has a cylindrical body, a sharp point to pierce the tissue, and a lumen extending through the cylindrical body with openings to receive the end region of the suture. The illustration below shows the suture assembly.


Medtronic Seeks to Patent a Mold Assembly for Internal Hermetic Connector Seals

US patent application 20200078995 presents a mold assembly used for molding seals in internal hermetic lead. The assembly includes a first core, a second core, and a retaining cap and is depicted in the image below.


Merck Aims to Patent an Implant Excision Aid

US patent application 20200078035 discloses an implant excision aid for aiding in the removal of subdermal or subcutaneous, palpable implant and to reduce technique variability from implant remover to implant remover. The image below depicts an implant excision aid being used on the skin of a patient.


Novartis Wants to Patent Systems for Pulsed Posterior Vitreous Detachment Creation

US patent application 20200078214 presents a tissue separation system to separate the posterior vitreous cortex from the inner limiting membrane in the eye. The system includes a flexible elongate member, a fluid reservoir, a lumen configured to deliver fluid from the reservoir, a pump system, and a control system arranged to control the pump system and is shown in the illustration below.


Roche Pursues a Patent for Antibodies Against Fibroblast Activation Protein (FAP)

US patent application 20200079873 discloses the sequences of complementarity determining regions for anti-FAP antibodies.

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