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Microsoft aims to patent a haptic feedback system. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.

In this post, we introduce you to a few recent patent applications from Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, Novartis, Roche, Medtronic, and Boston Scientific.

Amazon Pursues a Patent for a Method of Controlling Content Displays Based on Environmental Factors and Another Patent for a Voice-Controlled Multimedia Device

US patent application 20200178027 discloses a device that can adjust the playing of media content according to situational appropriateness and other environmental factors occurring around the device. For example, the device can use image and audio data to determine the presence of minors in the vicinity of a device and filter certain portions of media, which may be inappropriate. The figure below illustrates a device that can control the media content presentation.

US patent application 20200177945 discloses a voice-controlled device that receives speech input from a user, determines an ON/OFF power state of an audio-video (AV) display device, and sends data to the AV display device to switch to ON or OFF based on the user’s intent.

Apple Seeks a Patent for a User Interface for a Group Reading Session

US patent application 20200175890 discloses a method for automatically generating a reading plan for participants in a group reading session based on the reading ability of each participant. An example of a user interface and process used in a collaborative story reading session is illustrated below.


Microsoft Aims to Patent a Haptic Feedback System

US patent application 20200174569 describes a haptic feedback system comprising a wearable device, which includes a channel containing fluid with adjustable viscosity, and a controller that receives inputs and adjusts the fluid viscosity, accordingly. An example display system including a haptic feedback system is illustrated below.

IBM Wants a Patent for Visual Data Summaries with Cognitive Feedback

US patent application 20200174996 discusses a data visualization application that determines properties associated with data, and then generates and combines visualizations of the determined properties into visual data summaries. The application also monitors user interactions with those visual summaries and updates the same. An approach for creating visual data summaries and improving it based on cognitive feedback is illustrated below.

Novartis Seeks to Patent CD73 Antibodies

US patent application 20200172628 discloses combination therapies including anti-CD73 antibody molecules to be used to treat or prevent cancer. The sequences of the variable chain region of the antibody are also disclosed.

Roche Aims to Patent an Analyzer Device

US patent application 20200171182 presents an analyzer device that can inhibit the proliferation of microorganisms using ultraviolet light. The device has an ultraviolet LED that irradiates the interior of a shared reagent storage container with ultraviolet light, and a power supply that supplies electric power to the ultraviolet LED. The illustration below shows the ultraviolet irradiation section of the analyzer.

Medtronic Wants to Patent a Valve Delivery Tool

US patent application 20200170787 presents a system including a medical device for implantation in a heart valve of a subject. The implantable medical device has a self-expanding frame. The system also includes a holder configured to retain the frame of the implantable medical device in a constricted configuration to control the expansion of the frame. The figure below shows a holder and the self-expanding implantable medical device.

Boston Scientific Seeks Patents for a System for Multi-lumen Catheter and another for Endoscopic Imaging

US patent application 20200170499 relates to a catheter system having a first lumen to receive an endoscope, a second lumen to receive a flexible tube, and an expandable retractor system at the end of the catheter to enable an expanded working space. The system is used for performing minimally invasive procedures. The figure below shows the multi-lumen catheter system.

Another application, 20200170491, describes an endoscopic imaging system having an illumination source, a control system, optical fibers to transmit the illumination towards an object, and an image capture device to detect the illumination energy reflected from the object. The figure below shows the endoscopic imaging system.

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