Google files a patent related to 3D advertisements. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.


In this post, we take you through recent patent applications from Google, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Intel, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Roche, Merck, and Novartis.

Google Files a Patent Related to 3D Advertisements

US patent application 20200005361 discloses a method for advertising a 3D object in a web browser where the display of the advertisement includes at least a portion of the 3D object based on an initial default view; or a user selected view based on a query received from the user. The figure below illustrates an exemplary screenshot of advertising the 3D object in the web browser.


Microsoft Seeks a Patent for Generating Smart Replies Involving Image Files

US patent application 20200007475 describes a method for generating a smart reply to a message, comprising an image file and text within a GUI on a display screen of a mobile device. The figure below illustrates the generated smart replies being displayed as selectable options for replying to a message within the GUI of a mobile device.


Apple Eyes a Patent for Touch Based Interactive Learning Environment

US patent application 20200004414 discloses an interactive learning environment for software programming using a user interface on a touch sensitive surface of a device. The interface allows a user to write code using touch gestures. An example user interface is illustrated in the figure below.


Facebook Wants a Patent for a Method for Identifying Illegitimate Activities Based on Graph-based Distance Metrics

US patent application 20200007577 discloses a method of generating a node graph that includes edge nodes connecting several user account nodes. A distance score is calculated for each user account node to determine if a transaction is an illegitimate transaction based on the distance scores. The figure below depicts a functional block diagram associated with identification of illegitimate activity based on graph-based distance metrics.


IBM Aims to Patent a Music Practice Feedback System

US patent application 20200005664 discloses a music practice feedback system that forecasts an ability to retain playing-skills of sheet music by a user via machine learning and changing a display of the sheet music based on the forecasted ability. The figure below shows a high level flow chart for a music practice feedback method.


Intel Wants to Patent AI Inference on Protected Media Content in a Vision Processing Unit

US patent application 20200007931 relates to techniques for securely providing AI inference on protected video content in a vision processing unit. The technique includes decrypting encrypted video via a neural network processor and applying a machine learning model to the decrypted video content. Illustrations depict a machine learning model for application to a decrypted video frame to generate artificial intelligence inference data.


Boston Scientific Files Patents for Systems Related to Magnetic Tracking, and Luminal Tissue Treatment

US patent application 20200007173 describes a tracking system having a magnetic field transmitter assembly to track medical devices using generated magnetic fields and a sensor in the medical device to determine the location and orientation of the sensor in relation to a fixed frame of reference. The figure below shows a view of the magnetic tracking system.


Another US patent application, 20200000519, relates to a catheter system which includes a radially expandable member having a number of electrodes to engage diseased luminal tissue when the member expands, and means to energize the electrodes with a controller for inducing desirable temperature effects on body tissue. The image below depicts a balloon catheter system treating artery tissue.


Medtronic Seeks to Patent an Implantable Medical Pump with a Pressure Sensor

US patent application 20200001007 discloses a pressure sensor for an implantable medical device that detects fluid pressure based on a changing capacitance between two capacitive elements. The illustration below depicts a fluid delivery system for an implantable medical device (IMD) with a medical pump configured to deliver a therapeutic agent to a patient via a catheter.


Roche Aims to Patent a Method for User-Defined Structured Testing in Diabetes Care

US patent application 20200000385 describes a method for structure testing that involves presenting a patient with several contextual criteria for a structured test, receiving a selection of one or more contextual criterion from the list of contextual criterion, and constructing a structured test that includes the contextual criterion selected by the patient. The image below shows a patient with a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), an ambulatory durable insulin infusion pump, an ambulatory non-durable insulin infusion pump, and a diabetes manager.


Merck Wants to Patent Anti-alpha V Integrin Antibody for Treating Fibrosis

US patent application 20200002424 discloses a method of treating fibrosis that involves administering an effective dose of anti-alpha v integrin antibody DI17E6, or a biologically active variant, wherein the effective dose is administered in a single dose as monotherapy.

Novartis Pursues a Patent on Biomarkers for Treating Pulmonary Hypertension

US patent application 20200002768 reveals a method of treating pulmonary hypertension in a patient by administering a therapeutically effective amount of a pulmonary hypertension antagonist if the patient has a statistical significant increased amount of CCL21 gene expression or CCL21 protein compared to the baseline value.