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Apple eyes patent for cross-device interactions. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.


In this post, we take you through recent patent applications from Qualcomm, Apple, Intel, Microsoft, Google, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Roche, Merck, and Novartis.

Qualcomm Seeks a Patent for Detecting Voice-based Attacks Against Smart Speakers

US patent application 20200020330 discloses a voice-activated device that monitors electromagnetic (EM) emissions using EM detector to determine whether a voice command was generated electronically or was issued by a human user. If the voice-command was generated electromagnetically, then the device does not execute the command. A block diagram illustrating the components of a voice-activated computing device is below.


Apple Eyes Patents for Cross Device Interactions and an Audio File Interface

US patent application 20200019367 discloses techniques to interact with multiple devices to access content stored in other devices through their respective devices. A first device with a display may be placed partially over a second device’s display to detect a first input. Causing a response to the first input to be displayed on the first device’s display. The user may provide an input and response to the input may be displayed on either the first device display or second device display based on user’s focus. Example user interfaces for engaging in cross device interactions are illustrated.


US patent application 20200019372 discloses a device that while playing an audio file on a mobile device and displaying a current view in a user interface, receiving a user input requesting an audio file interface and displaying the audio interface as an overlay in the user interface, where the audio interface includes information associated with the audio file. A set of screen shots depicting an example of user interface content on a mobile device is illustrated below.


Intel Files a Patent Application for a Cognitive Robotic Systems with Fear Based Action/Reaction

US patent application 20200019177 discloses systems associated with cognitive robot systems that include emotional circuitry and thinking circuitry. The emotional circuitry is configured to receive stimuli for a robot, identify potential adversities, and the thinking circuitry determines fear levels for the identified potential adversities, and generates commands to the robot to respond. Illustration depicts an example environment.


Microsoft Seeks a Patent for Digital Personal Expression via Wearable Device

US patent application 20200019242 describes a method for evoking an expression of an avatar via a gesture sensed by a wearable device. The device determines a digital personal gesture expression and outputs the digital personal expression. Figure below illustrates a user performs a gesture to store a digital personal expression associated with a speech input.


Google Files a Patent Application Relating to Method for Determining Non-textual Reply Content for Inclusion in a Reply to an Electronic Communication

US patent application 20200021544 discloses a method for automatically suggesting electronic documents for inclusion in a reply by a user to an electronic communication based on the message features of the electronic communication. Figures below illustrate example graphical user interfaces for providing the non-textual reply content for inclusion in the reply to the electronic communication.


Boston Scientific Files Patents for a Graphical User Interface for Neurostimulation and a Motorized Telescoping Medical Device

US patent application 20200016409 relates to a neurostimulation system including a storage device, a programming circuit to generate stimulation parameters for controlling delivery of neurostimulation pulses, and a GUI that allows a user to customize the various patterns and waveforms of the neurostimulation pulses. The figure below shows the GUI for the neurostimulation system.


Another US patent application 20200015968 describes a medical device delivery system that includes an outer sheath drive assembly, an actuation shaft drive assembly with several motors for actuating a telescoping assembly to deliver and deploy the medical device, and a mechanical bailout feature. The figure below illustrates the exemplary medical device delivery system.


Medtronic Aims to Patent a Sensor Transmitter Assembly

US patent application 20200015749 presents a sensor transmitter assembly that includes a sensor module wherein the a sensor including a sensor head having a sensor contact pad is combined with a second sensor including a second sensor head having a second sensor contact pad. The image below is a side view of the sensor transmitter assembly.


Roche Wants to Patent a Structured Tailoring Method for Behaviour Modification

US patent application 20200015680 discloses a self-administered, behavior modification program facilitated through a structured tailoring method which accelerates and enhances the internalization process of the individual, provides help when the individual begins to fail in adhering or continuing with the behavior modification. The diagram below depicts a care management system for an individual and a clinician along with others having an interest in the care management of the individual.


Merck Seeks to Patent a BTK inhibitor

US patent application 20200017464 discloses a solid form of 1-(4-{[6-Amino-5-(4-phenoxy-phenyl)-pyrimidin-4-ylamino]-methyl}-piperidi- n-1-yl)-propenone to be used as BTK inhibitors.

Novartis Pursues a Patent on Silicone Hydrogel Lenses With Water-Rich Surfaces

US patent application 20200017713 presents a hydrated silicone hydrogel contact lens having a layered structural configuration comprising a lower water content silicone hydrogel core completely covered with a layer of a higher water content hydrogel substantially free of silicone. The illustration below depicts a sectional view of the structural configuration of a SiHy contact lens.



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