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Apple eyes a patent for controlling the output of the watch based on the user’s touch on its crown. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.


In this post, we take you through recent patent applications from IBM, Intel, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Roche, Merck, and Novartis.

IBM Seeks a Patent for Preventing Transition Shocks During Transitions Between Realities

US patent application 20200043211 discloses a method that includes determining a distance of the objects from a reference point in the first and second reality environments, determining likelihood of a transition shock event occurring as a user transitions between the reality environments, and modifying the distance of the object from the reference point in the first and second reality environments to prevent the transition shocks during transition. The figure depicts a VR/AR system as described in the application.


Intel Files a Patent Application for a UAV Avoiding Obstacles

US patent application 20200043352 discloses a UAV that includes a sensor configured to detect obstacles in the environment of the UAV and a flight control circuit configured to provide a flight path, determine a local flight path and to superimpose the flight path with the local flight path, to generate a flight path to the target position and avoid collision with the obstacles. The illustration depicts a UAV avoiding obstacles.


Google Wants a Patent for Generating Natural Language Descriptions of Images

US patent application 20200042866 discloses a method of obtaining an input image, processing the input image using a first neural network to generate an alternative representation, which is processed by a second neural network to generate a sequence of a plurality of words in a target natural language that describes the input image.

Apple Eyes a Patent for Controlling the Output of the Watch Based on User’s Touch on Its Crown

US patent application 20200041962 discloses a crown of a smartwatch that includes an image sensing system to capture the motion or image of the user’s finger to control the operation of the smartwatch. The figure depicts the wearable electronic device and the image-sensing element.


Microsoft Wants a Patent for Intelligent Warning System

US patent application 20200037964 describes an intelligent warning system in a communication service that analyzes a user’s biometric signals and image data of the user’s in a communication session to determine a distress level. If the distress level exceeds a threshold level, then a notification is sent to a remote user to seek assistance. The figure depicts change in image data of the user that triggers the notification.


Medtronic Files Patents for a Wearable Defibrillation Apparatus and an Instrument Tracking System

US patent application 20200038671 relates to a wearable defibrillation apparatus implemented with a machine learning algorithm to determine tachyarrhythmia or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in a patient and provide cardiac pacing or other electrical stimulation to disrupt a cardiac rhythm in response to the fibrillation. Figure below shows the exemplary system to provide cardiac defibrillation to the patient.


Another US application 20200038115 discloses navigation and tracking system associated with an instrument assembly for determining the position of the working end of the instrument during a surgical procedure, wherein the system illustrates the instrument position relative to an image of the surgical area for a selected period of time. Figure below shows a view of the instrument with the tracking device.


Boston Scientific Seeks a Patent for a Bipolar Irrigated Radiofrequency Ablation Tined Probe

US patent application 20200038091 discloses a system for irrigated bipolar radiofrequency ablation that includes an elongate inner and outer electrode assembly, and an irrigation path for irrigation fluid flow is defined between the outer surface of the inner electrode assembly and the outer surface of the outer electrode assembly. The illustration below depicts the system.


Roche Aims to Patent Superparamagnetic and Highly Porous Polymer Particles

US patent application 20200041502 reveals superparamagnetic particles, wherein each particle has a polymer matrix and a magnetic core, wherein the polymer matrix has a crosslinked polymer and the magnetic particle has a particle size in the range of from 1 to 60 micrometer.

Merck Wants to Patent Novel Barbituric Acid Derivatives

US patent application 20200038306 discloses novel barbituric acid derivatives for use as self-tanning substance to increase melanin synthesis, and for improving the distribution of melanin in suprabasal layers.

Novartis Pursues Patent on Intraocular Lens Insertion Apparatus

US patent application 20200038175 presents an intraocular lens insertion apparatus that has a folding chamber located within the handpiece body, wherein the folding chamber is shaped to fold an IOL advancing through the folding chamber. The image below depicts the intraocular lens insertion apparatus.



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