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Google seeks a patent for a method for presenting a reminder to view content. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.


In this post, we take you through recent patent applications from IBM, Intel, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Roche, Merck, and Novartis.

Google Seeks a Patent for a Method for Presenting a Reminder to View Content

US patent application 20200053041 discloses a method for presenting a reminder to a user to view a first content item upon determining that the user viewing a second content item that is related to the first content item and causing an interface that is presented along with the second content item, wherein the interface includes a queue of related content items including the first content item. The figures below illustrate example user interfaces for receiving a link to a video and presenting the reminder to view the video.


Intel Eyes a Patent for an Avatar Animation System

US patent application 20200051306 discloses a system that provides real-time high-quality avatar animation based on the varying countenance of a human face. The system includes a multi-frame regressor that implements a machine learning component that generates the high-quality avatar animation from information descriptive of a subject’s face and/or avatar animation frames previously generated by the regressor. The illustration below depicts the system.


IBM Wants a Patent for a System for Searching, Recommending, and Exploring Documents Through Conceptual Associations

US patent application 20200050616 discloses a method that extracts concepts from a plurality of documents and calculates a degree of relation between each of the documents and concepts. The method also includes, in response to receiving a query, determining one or more concepts from the query and retrieving a list of documents having the highest degree of relation to the concept.

Apple Files a Patent for a Weather User Interface

US patent application 20200050332 discloses a reduced-size user interface for displaying weather and temperature for current and another location. The device also displays weather information based on an upcoming activity. The illustrations below depict some of the exemplary user interfaces providing weather information.


Microsoft Seeks a Patent for Threat Protection System in Documents

US patent application 20200053106 discloses a threat protection system for detecting links in a document and analyzing whether any of the detected links are malicious. An example threat protection system is depicted below.


Boston Scientific Files Patents for a Deflection Mechanism for a Medical Device; and Tissue Opening Reduction Clips

US patent application 20200049234 relates to a controlled steering mechanism for a medical device having 360-degree articulation and equipped with an actuation system for one-fingered operation by a user to control the instrument to a desired position in the body of a patient. The figure below shows the deflection of the steerable member of the device.

Another US application 20200046332 relates to a clip designed to avoid post-surgical leaking after surgical resection. The clip has a continuous member configured with several legs having preformed bends connecting adjacent legs. The legs include protrusions to secure two different tissue portions. The illustration below depicts the clip implanted over an opening in a staple line.


Medtronic Aims to Patent a Needle Protective Device for Subcutaneous Sensors

US patent application 20200046271 presents an introducer for a subcutaneous sensor including a needle cover that is operable to move in relation to a needle, such that the needle cover covers the needle when the user is done using the introducer. The image below depicts the introducer.


Roche Wants to Patent a Handheld Diabetes Management Device

US patent application 20200049691 reveals a handheld diabetes management device incorporating a bolus calculator that determines the maximum allowed blood glucose level of a patient and comparing it to a current blood glucose measurement. The figure below depicts the handheld diabetes management device.


Merck Seeks to Patent a Flow-Through Fluid Purification Device

US patent application 20200048111 discloses a flow-through fluid purification device that is designed for laboratory scale water purification applications with a maximum throughput volume of 2 litres per minute. The device has an interface wall that is permeable for radiation with a wavelength in the UV-range of 150 nm to 200 nm. The illustration below depicts the cross-section view of the flow-through purification device.


Novartis Pursues a Patent for Treating Neurological Disorders

US patent application 20200048236 discloses novel heterocyclic compounds and their chemical structures for use in the treatment of neurodegeneration via inhibition of BACE-1, or diabetes via inhibition of BACE-2.

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