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Apple wants a patent for configuring a wearable device using images. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.


In this post, we take you through recent patent applications from Apple, IBM, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Intel, Medtronic, Boston Scientific, Roche, Merck, and Novartis.

Apple Wants a Patent for Configuring a Wearable Device Using Images

US patent application 20190369569 discloses an enhanced configuration method that includes receiving an indication that a wearable device has started a pairing process with an electronic device and obtaining images corresponding to the wearable device. The images are analyzed to determine aspects of the wearable device and configuring the wearable device, accordingly. The figure below depicts capturing images of wearable device for configuration.


IBM Eyes a Patent for Blockchain Tracking of Virtual Universe Traversal Results

US patent application 20190373015 describes a method that includes obtaining teleportation invite block that records a virtual universe teleportation invite marked by at least one parameter. The teleportation invite identifies a virtual universe user as an invitee. Responsive to the parameter, it assesses whether the invite is potentially malicious and an alert is sent to the invitee, accordingly.

Amazon Seeks a Patent for Privacy Mode Configuration Based on Speaker Identifier

US patent application 20190371328 discloses a speech processing system that identifies a user and activates a privacy mode based on the user’s indication in his/her utterances. The privacy mode causes each of the system’s various components to delete the data associated with the user’s utterance after the component has finished its processing. The figure below illustrates the system.


Microsoft Seeks a Patent for Re-creation of a Virtual Environment Through a Video Call

US patent application 20190371060 discloses a human-computer interface for viewing a 3D scene of a real-world environment and an AR device for capturing the 3D scene using a surface reconstruction (SR) camera and a RGB camera. The 3D scene is transmitted to and viewed on a user’s device which enables the user to view the scene from different perspectives. The figure below illustrates a user viewing a 3D representation of a scene from a perspective other than the perspective of the camera capturing the scene.


Google Files a Patent Application for Modifying User Interface Colors in Connection with the Presentation of a Video

US patent application 20190371267 discloses a method for dynamically modifying a user interface color during the presentation of a video content item based on color palette information corresponding to the video content item. The figure below illustrates a user interface for presenting a video content item based on a determined color palette.


Intel Files a Patent Application for a Seamless Data Streaming Experience

US patent application 20190373038 discloses data streaming technologies that include a client computing device that is configured to receive user presence data and user interest data, indicative of the user’s interest level in the current data stream and a control server to select a target client computing device to transfer the data stream. The illustration below depicts a block diagram of the technology.


Medtronic Files Patent Applications for a Surgical Robot Navigation System and a Cardiac Evaluation System

US patent application 20190365477 relates to a navigation system for a surgical robot that helps determine the position, location and orientation of a member in space relative to a subject during a surgical procedure, it assists in delineating objects, and determines the physical characteristics of the subject portions. The figure below shows the view of a user and a robotic system relative to a detailed portion of a subject.


Another US application, 20190365271, describes a system for cardiac evaluation and adjustment therapy that includes a graphical user interface for non-invasive electrical activity monitoring using several external electrodes attached to the skin of a patient about his/her torso, and allows the patient to adjust the display information. The figure below illustrates the user interface for the system.


Boston Scientific Eyes a Patent on a Stent with Selectively Curved Region

US patent application 20190365521 discloses a stent with a radially expandable tubular framework and a covering surrounding the tubular framework, wherein the stent includes a pull wire that can be manipulated to selectively curve a region. The illustration below depicts the stent placed within a sleeve portion of the stomach.



Roche Wants to Patent Oligonucleotides for modulating ATXN2 Expression

US patent application 20190365795 reveals an antisense oligonucleotide having the sequence ATTTTACTTTAACCTCC, which is complementary to and targets ataxin 2 encoding nucleic acids.

Merck Seeks to Patent an Apparatus for Discharging Sterile Media

US patent application 20190367864 presents an apparatus for mixing, diluting and discharging sterile media while reducing the weight, preparation time, and cost for the system, thereby avoiding the need for a dedicated media kitchen. The image below depicts the apparatus for discharging sterile media.


Novartis Pursues a Patent on a Syringe

US patent application 20190365565 reveals a syringe comprising a body, a stopper, and a plunger for use in an ophthalmic injection procedure. The illustration below shows the cross sectional view of the syringe.



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