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Facebook seeks a patent for display devices with local dimming. Read about this and other recently published patent applications.

In this post, we introduce you to a few recent patent applications from Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Amazon, Boston Scientific, Novartis, Merck, Roche, and Medtronic.

Facebook Seeks a Patent for Display Devices with Local Dimming

US patent application 20200111259 discloses an electronic device having a display that generates an augmented reality (AR) image element and an optical combiner that receives the AR image element along with ambient light from outside the device for the purpose of having the augmented reality image element located within a portion of an ambient image formed from the ambient light. The device also includes a dimmer element that selectively dims the ambient image in which the AR image element is located. The figures below illustrate context-dependent adjustable opacity of a dimmer element described in the application.


Microsoft Pursues a Patent for a Real-World Anchor in a Virtual Reality (VR) Environment

US patent application 20200111256 describes a VR environment rendering a virtual anchor object that corresponds to a real world anchor object. The anchor object’s real-world location relative to a computer system is determined and rendered at a location within the VR environment in such a manner that the virtual anchor object is world-locked relative to the real-world environment, as depicted in the figures below. The intention is to make the user at least partially cognizant of his/her real-world environment while not significantly distracting or degrading the user’s VR experience.

IBM Files a Patent Application Relating to Generating a Social Collaboration Group Based on Location

US patent application 20200112838 discloses a mobile device that creates a communication group upon identifying several people at a particular location based on capturing images of the people or by accessing data read from RFID tags carried or worn by the people. The figure below illustrates a plurality of people located at a particular location.

Apple Pursues a Patent for Haptic Mixing in Graphical User Interfaces

US patent application 20200110466 discusses a device that receives multiple sets of overlapping user inputs on its user interface. The device, upon recognition of overlapping tactile inputs, provides a modified tactile output based on priority. A portable multifunction device having a touch screen is depicted below.

Amazon Files a Patent Application Relating to Combining Information for Object Detection and Avoidance

US patent application 20200108946 describes an imaging component that includes one or more cameras to obtain images of a scene, using visible light, that are converted into a depth map and one or more other cameras that are configured to form thermograms of the scene using infrared radiation. The depth information and thermal information are combined to form an enhanced representation of the scene. The illustration below depicts the imaging component used with an UAV.

Boston Scientific Files Patent Applications for a Pancreatic Stent and a Tissue Closure Device

US patent application 20200107924 relates to a pancreatic stent with drainage features that permit the placement of the pancreatic stent without blocking side branches of the pancreas. The figure below illustrates the patient’s digestive system with the pancreatic stent.

Another patent application 20200107831 discloses an endoscopic clipping device for treating perforations, defects and bleeding in patients. The device includes a pair of jaws that move between an open and closed configuration to grip the tissue and close the tissue defect. The figure below shows the device in the closed configuration to treat a tissue defect.

Novartis Seeks to Patent an Injector Device with a Novel Needle Ejection And Retraction Mechanism

US patent application 20200108209 presents an injector device with a novel needle ejection and retraction mechanism having a control unit, a sensor unit that determines the distance between the sensor unit and the skin, and an actuator to activate the exertion of force in the proximal direction on the needle hub. The illustration below depicts the needle ejection and rejection mechanism.

Merck Pursues a Patent on a Machine Learning Model for Segmentation of MR Images

US patent application 20200111214 discloses a method for machine learning-based automatic segmentation of magnetic resonance (MR) images using a convolutional neural network (CNN) block and a convolutional long short-term (LSTM) block. A flowchart illustrating the method for segmenting MR images is given below.

Roche Aims to Patent Modular Nucleic Acid Adapters

US patent application 20200109397 discloses a kit for preparing a library of nucleic acids. The kit comprises a first and second oligonucleotide, each having a tail sequence, a common sequence, a unique identifier sequence, and a variable-length punctuation mark. A schematic diagram depicting the components of a modular nucleic acid adapter is provided below.

Medtronic Seeks to Patent a Method for Cardiac Pulsed Field Ablation

US patent application 20200107879 presents a method of delivering a pulse train of energy having a predetermined frequency to cardiac tissue, the pulse train includes 60 pulses or more, an inter-phase delay between 0 .mu.s and 5 .mu.s, an inter-pulse delay of 5 .mu.s, and a pulse width of 5 .mu.s. The figure below depicts an exemplary ablation system.

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